Round the World Flights - (Beach) Break it to you Gently

(Beach) Break it to you Gently

We’re going to try and break this one to you gently (get it?) this trip is epic. You get to visit some of the most iconic beaches in the world and to explore Oz, Asia and Bali all from just £1,100. Perfect for thearound the world gap year adventure or if you are looking for something a little more than just the standard holiday.

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Departs from Arrives in
London, United Kingdom Sydney, Australia
Sydney, Australia Bangkok, Thailand
Travel over ground to Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia London, United Kingdom

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Why the (Beach) Break it to you Gently trip?

Let’s Break it to you Gently, you’re in for an awesome adventure.

Start your round the word adventure flying into the blue skies of Sydney, Australia. Break hearts whilst you baywatch, Bondi Beach but not before taking a stroll down the famous Sydney Harbour. Once you’re ready you’ll kickstart your Asian experience in Bangkok.

Relax and take a selfie in the land where your dreams come true, Bangkok offers you enlightenment, beautiful beaches and the most gracious cuisine make sure you take it all in before you travel over ground the dazzling shores of Bali.

Known for its volcanic mountains, iconic rice paddies and beautiful beaches you are sure to fall head over heels in love. Visiting the Uluwatu Sea Temple, Agung Rai and the Bali Safari is a must before heading back home where you will probably want to plan it all again.

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