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Singapore Airlines and StudentUniverse have teamed up to bring you the best student discounts on airline tickets. Studying in the US for the first time? Taking a much-needed vacation to the other side of the world? Going home to visit family? Wherever you're going, get there for less with student discounts on Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airlines will fly you directly from the UK (choose from either London Heathrow or Manchester Airport) to Singapore and the journey takes around 13 hours. Singapore itself is a hugely popular place to visit for UK youth travellers and acts as a perfect introduction and gateway to the wider South East Asia region. Just as a little FYI, there is also a direct Singapore Airlines flight from Manchester to Houston, USA.

Once you’re done exploring the Lion City (as Singapore is fondly known to its locals), which offers a blend of futuristic cityscapes and traditional markets, you can use Singapore Airlines to travel further afield, with flights to over 30 countries across five continents.

If you want to remain in the general Asia region, you can fly to major cities in Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. If you want to travel further, the world is your oyster, with major Middle Eastern, European and American cities served, including Dubai in the UAE, Paris in France, and Los Angeles in the USA.

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Extra savings

Don't toss out that boarding pass after your flight! Your Singapore Airline's boarding pass could score you discounts on restaurants, accommodations and more! Whether you're traveling to to Singapore, Australia, Thailand or beyond, check out the discounts you can get with Singapore Airlines.


Better layovers

Free tours of the city on your layover? Yes, please. The Changi Airport is pretty cool as it is, but if your layover is longer than 5.5 hours, you're (most likely) eligible for a free tour of the city. That's one way to make your layovers fly by!


Stay comfortable

With Singapore Airlines, your flight around the world will be more comfortable than ever. Get plenty of movies, TV shows, music and more at your seat, or connect to in-flight WiFi to watch your own. Stay charged with in-seat outlets and USB ports. Or just stretch out and take a nap. Even the Economy seats are roomy, so you'll arrive well-rested and ready to go.

Baggage information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out the baggage information page.