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Study in the UK

Making the decision to study abroad is a great way to enhance your academics while experiencing the world through different cultures. When it comes to discounts on flights, hotels and tours StudentUniverse has you covered. Offering useful information that can prepare you for studying abroad, how to get ready for your flight journey, life in the UK, and travel tips inside/outside Europe, StudentUniverse is there to guide you through the new pages of your life. Keep reading for exclusive tips on your unforgettable experience in the UK.

Before Getting to the UK

Before coming to the UK, there are loads of things to plan and prepare. The first step is always the hardest, so let us dive in with you. There are few significant differences between the universities in the UK regarding strengths and subjects. The UK also contains different cultures and living rates. So, you may have quite a few questions at this point. How do I pick where to study in the UK? How do I prepare the proper Visa? Where and how can I get cheap flight rates? Don’t worry, StudentUniverse is here to provide these handy tips.

On Your Way to the UK

Long haul flights are exciting! However, bad preparation can affect your comfort. Learn the factors that can cause delay or failed departure. Knowing tricks from experienced flyers can enhance your experience for the better. How do I pick the best seat and meal on the flight? What is my baggage allowance? How do I answer the questions asked by the immigration staff? From choosing a seat to filling out a custom form, we are here to help.

While You Are in the UK

You’ve finally made it to Europe! You may face some challenges after moving to the UK, such as culture differences. What do the british really mean when they speak? How can I save big living in the UK? Is it easy to travel in Europe? How do I apply for a travel visa in the UK? Let us give you some living tips on how to make the most of your experience abroad.

Travel Visa for Chinese Passport Holders

Do you have questions about applying travel visas while you are studying in the UK? We are happy to share tips with you. With your Chinese passport and UK visa, you can travel many counties around the world. Let's start traveling now!

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