#SaveYourWay on travel deals with StudentUniverse


Every day thousands of young people save with StudentUniverse’s student and youth travel discounts. We were sat back congratulating ourselves on enabling our customers to see the world for less when we started asking what people were actually doing with all the money they were saving.

And that’s where #SaveYourWay was born. The savings you make with StudentUniverse are yours to spend however you wish, but there are almost certainly some amazing stories out there of where that money has been spent.

Infact, we thought we’d go the extra mile and recreate some of the stories we’d already heard with the help of our friend Bash the Entertainer.

Take a Spin Around the World

Taking your savings and putting it all on the spin of a roulette wheel... One of our customers told us they took the risk and it paid off. We thought we'd recreate the magic, and threw in a dab or two. Vegas baby!

I've Bean To So Many Places

Our customers have bean to so many places as a result of the money they’ve saved with StudentUniverse, but when one of them told us they’d filled their bath tub with baked beans, we weren’t sure what to make of it. Is it even possible? We found out.

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