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Whether you love lounging around cool, modern cities, or delving into some of the most spectacular natural landscapes you’ll ever see, Canada has you covered and then some. No wonder Canada tours are so in demand, eh? Tours of Canada broadly fall into two categories: explore stunning cities the likes of Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, drinking in their cool vibes and eating your weight in poutine, or head out into the wilderness to hike the Canadian rockies, go on the lookout for bears in Grizzly Bear Valley, and get your socks blown off by Banff National Park. And hey, why not mix the two? Holidays to Canada will always spoil you for choice.

Why Travel Canada with StudentUniverse

  • We have close partnerships with multiple Canada tour providers, including Topdeck Travel, Intrepid, Contiki, G Adventures, Geckos, and more. This allows us to offer the cheapest student trips to Canada that are complete and totally unique.
  • Our team of dedicated travel consultants are experts on all our Canada tours, meaning you can ask questions and discuss your chosen tour in detail, and easily make it part of a longer trip if required. They can also help with a Canada tourist visa if needed.
  • Although group sizes vary depending on which Canada tour you choose, they are generally kept small, allowing you to experience these iconic destinations without always being part of a crowd.

Types of Canada Tours

Canada Tours from the UK

Heading to Canada from the UK? No worries! We can book you onto a tour with plenty of like-minded fellow Brits to explore this incredible country alongside.

Escorted Canada Tours

Although our Canada tour group sizes are kept as small as possible, you can also book a private tour for a small group of friends and family. This gives you the advantage of an expert guide to take you to all of Canada’s sights, without needing to be part of a crowd.

National Geographic Journeys

Curated by National Geographic, these tours take you to the very best of natural Canadian destinations, celebrating all of the stunning countryside it has to offer, from hills and mountains to rivers and lakes.

YOLO Tours

You only live once! If you don’t want to miss out on the coolest stuff the USA has to offer, our YOLO tours take you to some of the best festivals and unique experiences the country has to offer, for trips that will live in your memory forever.

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Canada Tour Package FAQs

Travellers arrive for tours from all over the world, so it’s not usually possible to include airfare in the price. We do sometimes offer special flight and tour packages.

It’s extremely difficult to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early, but you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you have left. Leaving a tour early or joining late would also leave you responsible for all associated costs. If you think this might be necessary please make this clear before you book a tour.

You don’t need to be a verified student to book a tour, but most of our tours are designed with young people (18 to 30-year-olds) in mind.

Yes, in most cases we can book additional accommodation at our starting or ending hotels. The cost will vary depending on destination and time of year. If we can’t provide you with extra nights we’ll offer the name of a hotel you can contact directly. Please note: extra accommodation must be booked over 30 days before departure.

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