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Whether you want to cruise around the iconic USA, explore the stunning Canadian wilderness, or lounge around Caribbean beaches, tours of North America are guaranteed to be a travel experience you’ll never forget. USA tours are loaded with famous sights - from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park to New York City - to tick off your bucket list; Canada tours take in both cool cities (Toronto, Montreal, and more) and unbelievable natural landscapes; Caribbean tours deliver paradises you’ll never want to leave. Whatever you fancy for your next adventure, our North America tours are bound to have you covered.

Why Travel the USA and Canada with StudentUniverse

  • We have close partnerships with multiple North America tour providers, including Topdeck Travel, Intrepid, Contiki, G Adventures, Geckos, and more. This allows us to offer the cheapest student trips to North America that are complete and totally unique.
  • Our team of dedicated travel consultants are experts on all our North America tours, meaning you can ask questions and discuss your chosen tour in detail, and easily make it part of a longer trip if required. They can also help with tourist visas.
  • Although group sizes vary depending on which North America tour you choose, they are generally kept small, allowing you to experience these iconic destinations without always being part of a crowd.

Types of North America Tours

USA Tours

U-S-A! U-S-A! A dream travel destination for so many, we offer a huge range of tours here to make sure you won’t miss any of this sprawling country’s most famous destinations. Whether you’re dreaming of the West Coast, looking to party in New Orleans, or going full tourist in NYC, you’ll find all of it and more here.

Canada Tours

Canada’s highlights may not be quite as famous as its neighbour to the south, but with cities the likes of Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, alongside incredible natural sights like the Canadian Rockies and Banff National Park, the range of tours in Canada are every bit as exciting.

Discovery Adventure Tour

If you want a proper North American adventure, these are for you. See the towering granite cliffs and redwood forests of Yosemite National Park, wander through the sand dunes and volcanic craters of Death Valley, or hike the epic Canadian rockies in search of grizzly bears. Make stories you’ll tell for the rest of your life.

YOLO Tours

You only live once! If you don’t want to miss out on the coolest stuff North America has to offer, our YOLO tours take you to some of the best-known experiences as well as some of the hidden gems this incredible continent has to offer, for trips that will live in your memory forever.

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North America Tour Package FAQs

Yes, our travel services team can definitely help you out with getting the right visa for visiting North American countries. Your tourist visa is not usually included in the price of the tour. Processing time means you should aim to have your visa in place a good amount of time before your travel date.

Travellers arrive for tours from all over the world, so it’s not usually possible to include airfare in the price. We do sometimes offer special flight and tour packages.

You don’t need to be a verified student to book a tour, but most of our tours are designed with young people (18 to 30-year-olds) in mind.

It’s extremely difficult to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early, but you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you have left. Leaving a tour early or joining late would also leave you responsible for all associated costs. If you think this might be necessary please make this clear before you book a tour.

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Add these Destinations to your North America Itinerary:

The USA, Canada, and the Caribbean… talk about being spoiled for choice! Whatever you’re interested in seeing, be it San Francisco and Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal, Las Vegas and New Orleans, add them to your North America bucket list now to make sure you find the tour that’s perfect for you.