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Volunteer Abroad Programs with StudentUniverse

Looking to do something different this summer? Joining a volunteering project is a great way to spend your time abroad, whether you want to work with animals, children or community projects. Many students cite time spent volunteering worldwide as their favourite part of a trip. Volunteering projects look great on your CV too.

We work closely with a number of worldwide volunteering providers and have picked our favourite projects here to give you a taste, but there are many more available. To discuss and book your perfect project, give one of our experts a call on 0333 333 9944 or fill in the enquiry form. Right now, take an extra £100 off already discounted tours when you quote #SaveYourWay.

Volunteer Abroad Tours Including Flights

How to Volunteer Abroad

Work out what you want to do

With so many volunteering options, it’s easy to get carried away. Think about your passions and skills before choosing a volunteering project. Once you’ve signed on you need to see it through to the end.

Ask questions

If you’re not sure exactly what a project involves, talk to us about it! What will you be doing day-to-day? How does a project help the local community? Don’t be shy - ask everything you want to know before committing.

Work out your itinerary

Volunteering projects can comfortably fit into a wider trip, so take a look at where else you want to visit and what you want to do and see how volunteering can fit in. We can help with this too!


If you want to volunteer in a certain country or with animals, check with your doctor what vaccinations you might need, and other health considerations. It’s always best to be prepared!

Our experts are always happy to help. Give us a call on 0333 333 9944

Worldwide Volunteering Opportunities

Working to conserve endangered species; teaching English to underprivileged children; learning new skills to add to your CV. No matter what you want to do, and how much time you have, we’ll find a volunteer project suitable for you.

Volunteer with animals abroad

Volunteering with animals is a great way to help wildlife and habitats in need, while gaining a unique perspective on a country. There are so many opportunities to help vulnerable animals: rehabilitate orangutans in Borneo, marine conservation in Madagascar, caring for big cats in Costa Rica, and many more.

Volunteer teaching abroad

Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in schools for underprivileged children is a brilliant way of gaining first-hand teaching experience, while also seeing another country from a fresh perspective. Volunteering abroad as a teacher is not only a potentially life-changing experience, but could also set you on the path of your future career.

Volunteer summers abroad

If you want to make proper use of your summer holiday, volunteering is a great way to spend the time doing something meaningful. A volunteer summer placement could be anything from working in a summer camp in the USA to teaching sport to young people in Kenya. Not interested in lazing on a beach all summer? These projects are for you.

Volunteer jobs abroad

Volunteering projects can comfortably fit into a wider trip, so take a look at where else you want to visit and what you want to do and see how volunteering can fit in. We can help with this too!

Volunteering Abroad FAQ

Most of the organisations we work with are non-profit charities, foundations, or NGOs. The fee you pay covers the cost of food, accommodation, training, and administration involved in having you work on the project. Some of your fee may also pay for project materials or be donated towards helping the local community around the project.

We offer plenty of volunteer placements where no specific skills or qualifications are required. Projects will provide training and orientation for all new arrivals, and many are designed around volunteers learning skills as they work. Some placements may require qualifications, such as a TEFL for teaching abroad. Talk to our experts if you’re unsure.

Many volunteer placements are unpaid. Many organisations we work with are non-profit, meaning they are unable to pay volunteers. Some organisations may offer small stipends, and most will provide accommodation and meals covered by your fee. More qualified volunteer positions, such as medical roles, may offer a salary.

We offer volunteer placements ranging from one week to six months or more. Every project has a minimum duration, but in general you can decide how long to join a project for. In some destinations there may be a maximum duration limit due to visa restrictions.

Many of our volunteer placements do include international flights in the fee you pay, as well as airport pickup and ground transfers. This can vary from project to project. Talk to one of our experts if you are unsure.

Generally it is fine for a group of friends or a couple to join a project. This can be specified during the booking process, and arrangements can usually be made for groups to live and work together. This may not be possible on all projects.