Westjet Student Discount

Travel to the US, Canada, Europe, Central America, Caribbean, or domestic Canada

You can access student and youth discounts on flights with WestJet by booking through StudentUniverse. So whether you're planning to travel for a holiday, going to or from university or on a gap year, start your search now to make some huge savings on flights to Canada, the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

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Features of flying WestJet


Destinations served

Travel with WestJet to a host of global destinations. Start your search today to see fares to a range of destinations including:

North America: New York, Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago

Canada: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Calgary

Caribbean: Kingston, Montego Bay, Nassau, Puanta Cana, St Lucia ... and a whole host of other fantastic destinations including Cancun, Dublin, San Jose, Honolulu.


In-flight entertainment

Enjoy the live seatback television, inflight movies and shows right in front of you. For flights longer than 2.5 hours, you can order one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.



WestJet has recently gone cashless! That means all of your inflight food and beverages can now be purchased using all major credit card carriers. You can buy fly 'n buy vouchers using cash or debit cards at several WestJet check-in counters.

Baggage information

Baggage fees and policies differ per ticket type. For more information, be sure to check out the baggage information page.