Work Abroad Australia: Visa Program

  • Working Holiday Visa

  • up to 12 months: £349

The Australia Work Abroad Visa gives you permission to work in Australia whilst you travel. A huge hit with backpackers the world over, it's the perfect opportunity to earn some money whilst you explore an amazing new country. Choose to either settle in to one place or hope between some of the world's most popular cities.

What do I need to know before applying?

There are a few requirements to be granted a working holiday visa that our specialist Australia experts can help guide you through.

  • Enhance your resume with international work experience
  • Find paid work (approx £8/hr) with job placement assistance, CV review services, employment contacts and access to a full resource facility centre
  • Receive comprehensive assistance with your Working Holiday Visa application before you go

How long does it take to get a visa?

It typically takes between seven and ten working days to get an Australian working holiday visa confirmed. Five days of this is administration time at the Australian embassy, two days is admin processing and from there your working holiday visa will be emailed to you immediately. To be safe, giving yourself at least two weeks before you need the visa is strongly advised.

Where should I apply for my working holiday visa?

You can't apply for a working holiday visa in Australia. You have to apply for it before you leave your home country. If it's not granted before you arrive in Australia, you won't be able to work. Find out if your country is eligible for the Australian working holiday visa

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