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Work Abroad Canada

Working in Canada is guaranteed to be an exciting experience, giving you the opportunity to live and earn money in one of the most vibrant, modern countries in the world. All kinds of jobs are available when you work abroad in Canada, whether you’re just looking to earn pocket money or gain valuable experience on your chosen career path. You might work in a ski resort in Banff or Whistler, finance in Toronto, oil and gas in Calgary, or simply pick up bar work wherever you like. The real advantage of living and working in Canada is the access you’ll have to this incredible country during your time off, meaning you can explore at your own pace.

Student Work Abroad Programs in Canada

There are numerous ways for young people to travel and work abroad in Canada. The easiest is to take up a student work abroad program in Canada. These include everything you need to make it happen. Check out some of the options below!

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel & Work in Canada

Working in Canada from the UK: what visas do I need?

If you are 18-35 years old and from the UK, you can apply for an International Experience Canada (IEC) working holiday visa to live, work, and travel in Canada for up to two years. Only 5,000 IEC visas are granted every year, so you need to be organised and fast in applying when the season opens (this varies slightly every year). After getting your IEC visa you have up to twelve months to enter Canada and begin your time there.

How long does it take to get a visa to work in Canada?

Applying for a working holiday visa in Canada can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks, though time can vary depending on time of year and a little bit of luck. Places are determined by ‘draws’, in which candidates are selected at random and sent invites to apply for a work permit. As a limited number of visas are issued every year, it’s important to ensure you complete the application thoroughly to avoid any unnecessary hold-ups, and as quickly as possible to be part of as many draws as possible.

What kinds of jobs are available?

There are all kinds of jobs available in Canada. Some of the most popular for students and young people are working in ski resorts. This gives you unlimited access to the slopes in your time off! An interest in a finance career might take you to Toronto, oil and gas industry jobs are prevalent in Calgary, and Vancouver is a hotbed for jobs in the eco-friendly and sustainability industries. Whatever you’re interested in doing, you’ll find it when you work abroad in Canada.

How long can I work abroad in Canada?

Once your International Experience Canada working holiday visa has been granted, you can live, work, and travel in Canada for up to two years. Once you have your IEC visa in hand, you have twelve months to enter Canada and kick off your adventure. Citizens from the UK can only participate in the IEC working holiday visa program once.

Do I need to have a job before I go?

IEC working holiday visas are ‘open’ student work permits in Canada, meaning you can arrive without having any employment sorted out. This gives you the freedom to find a job with an eligible employer while you’re in Canada, if you wish. Of course, you’re also free to have work arranged long before you’re due to arrive!

How much money can I earn in Canada?

Wages in Canada vary depending on what kind of job you have. Minimum wage rates are different across the country too: expect between $10.30-12.50CAD per hour. More skilled jobs will usually pay $14CAD and above per hour. You will have to pay income tax on your earnings, and tax advantages of being a non-resident decrease after you’ve stayed over 183 days.

How do I know if I’m eligible to work in Canada?

If you’re from the UK, you are on the eligible list of nationalities. If not, you can check online. There are also a number of other criteria, including: holding a valid passport for the duration of your stay, have the equivalent of $2,500CAD to prove you can support yourself upon arrival, have a departure ticket booked (or the funds to prove you can) for the end of your stay, and more. You can find full eligibility criteria online.

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