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Student Deals on Work Abroad Flights

Want to travel but find yourself strapped for cash? A working holiday might be for you! Simply save enough money to get yourself overseas and back, and you can find work almost anywhere in the world. Book cheap flights with StudentUniverse and fund your travel as you travel. It’s really quite simple.

Some countries, like those in the European Economic Area, don’t even require a special permit. Others, like South Korea and Canada, participate in working holiday schemes that make it easy for British students to work overseas.

Australia and New Zealand are also popular options for many reasons, and StudentUniverse offers a variety of work abroad packages to get you there! Wherever you travel, your holiday starts with cheap international flights. Use our exclusive discounts to bring you to the best work abroad destinations. Browse cheap one way flights today!

Tips for Working Abroad

How to Save Money on a Working Holiday

Working holidays are a bunch of fun, but don’t lose your head. Practice the same budgeting habits you would need on a regular holiday. Using public transport, cooking your own meals, steering clear of luxury accommodations and being selective with pricy activities are essential elements of working abroad.

Student Budgeting Travel Plans

Some people live in youth hostels throughout their entire holiday, whilst some share a house or apartment with other travellers. Be flexible and frugal, and give yourself time to figure it all out. You probably won’t land in Australia and have an apartment the next day (you might, but it’s certainly not the norm), so make sure you have enough of a financial cushion to carry you through the transition.

For a real budgeting challenge, try to come out of this holiday with more money than you had before. Put away some of your weekly earnings, just as you would at home, and put the rest toward your travel fund. Use our cheap air tickets to further cut down travel costs, and remember to keep a positive attitude!

I Want to Work Abroad!

Beautiful weather and a generous minimum wage draw thousands of young people every year to the land down under. It’s easy to see why Australia is king of the hill when it comes to working holiday programmes, but New Zealand is catching up. Cities like Auckland and Wellington are perfect starting points for adventurous students looking to build up their CV and travel around the South Pacific.

Work Abroad Fun

Despite all the benefits of working abroad, some students still hesitate to make the leap. We get that there’s a lot to consider, and you might have some parents to convince, but we try to make your experience as simple as possible with StudentUniverse’s work abroad programmes in Australia and New Zealand. The perfect solution for gap year and post grad life alike, working abroad has never been easier! These programmes are geared towards improving your transition and supporting you throughout the work abroad process.

Perks include:

  • (Actually fun) social activities to meet new people
  • At least seven days of accommodation and breakfast
  • Job placement assistance and CV review
  • Help setting up a foreign bank account
  • Much, much more!

Let StudentUniverse take the pressure off with our work abroad programmes and cheap one way flights, perfect for all your working holiday aspirations.

Working Abroad Programs

New Zealand Rainbow

Work Abroad in New Zealand

Experience this country’s growing economy, beautiful scenery and love for sports whilst adding relevant work experience to your CV. Try something different with our work abroad program in New Zealand.

Work Abroad Office Job

Work Abroad FAQ

As exciting as it is to plan your working holiday, we’re sure you have some lingering questions and concerns. Check out our FAQ to get the answers you’re looking for.

Australia Opera House

Work Abroad in Australia

If you’re looking for a genuine experience down under, you’ll be interested in our three different Australia programmes. With Work Abroad Pro, we’ll help you secure a job in your field before you set foot in the country!