Make Travel Plans On the Go With Our Travel App

Flights by StudentUniverse mobile app

Flights by StudentUniverse is the first and only mobile travel app for booking discounted flights for students and youth. Download for free, and search with flexibility to find the cheapest prices and book with ease from anywhere in the world. Studying abroad in the US? Backpacking Thailand? Holidaying in Europe? Whatever your reason for travel is, the new StudentUniverse app is your best resource for searching and booking your next flight on the go. Have a question or problem with your flight? Easily click to call or email us straight from the app!

Plan Your Trip Anywhere

We understand that flexibility is one of the most important parts of a trip for student travellers. Flights by StudentUniverseserves as a trip planning app that can be used anywhere in the world, whatever you’re doing, to search and book flights, helping you keep your adventure rolling at the touch of a button. Backpacking in Vietnam and meet a group that’s heading to Thailand? Fire up the StudentUniverse app and within seconds you’ll find all the cheapest options for going with them.

Flexible Search Options

Your trip should be as unique as you are, and StudentUniverse is the best travel app for keeping your itinerary flexible. You can search for one way flights or a round trip, for specific or flexible dates, so you can find the cheapest available flights throughout the year. The app also makes it easy to filter flight results by time, price, airline, or by student and youth deals. Whatever kind of flight, whenever you need it, the StudentUniverse app can help you find it for the cheapest price possible.

Your Trip Info At Your Fingertips

What makes StudentUniverse one of the best apps for travel is that once you have found the cheap flights and travel deals to suit you and booked your dream trip, you can view all your information on your phone with our travel app, anytime you want. Need to review your flight itinerary while you’re at a Full Moon Party? Open the app and it’s right there. Want to double check your hotel booking while you’re waiting at baggage claim? Boom, just take out your phone and be amazed. There’s no need to trawl your email -
all the information you need is in the StudentUniverse travel app.