Sydney, located in the state of New South Wales, is a fantastic holiday destination. Stay for a quick holiday or get a Working Holiday Visa and live and work there for a longer time. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, going during our summer months (June to August) will actually have you going to Sydney during the winter. While you may not be dreaming of beaching in 17C weather, there’s just so much to do during a trip to Sydney that you won’t even realise you’re having a two winter year.

Get the adrenaline flowing

Climbers walk up the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a sunny day.

While winter isn’t usually when you think about hitting the beaches, you totally could still visit them in Australia. The average high temps in Sydney from June to August are around 17C, so definitely not freezing. However, if that still feels too cold for heading into the ocean for you, opt for some of Australia’s more adventurous options. You could climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, go skydiving, or go ziplining. There’s nothing like a surge of adrenaline to ensure you feel warm and alive.

See some rugby

The National Rugby League’s schedule runs from March to October, meaning that a trip during the Aussie winter is the perfect time to see the sport that they seem to love so much down under. Not super into the game or don’t really remember the rules to rugby? Enjoy the atmosphere, food and drinks, and camaraderie of the stadium. There are 9 teams based in the Greater Sydney area, so take your pick on who to root for.

Say hi to the animals

Of course you can totally try to see the wild Australian animals (and depending on which one’s you hope to find, it definitely won’t be difficult), but a trip to Taronga Zoo will help you easily see all kinds of animals. From elephants to koalas to sun bears, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun day of animals for just $45.90 (£24.48).

Winter sports galore

Skiers on the slopes of Thredbo in New South Wales, Australia - not far from Sydney during the winter.

Love a good winter holiday? Missing the January days of ski trips? The great news of heading down to the Southern Hemisphere is that the seasons are flipped, meaning you can get in that mid-July ski trip. Looking for mountain suggestions in New South Wales? Try Thredbo, Perisher Ski Resort, Corin Forest Mountain Resort, or Selwyn Snow Resort.

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