Coffee Around The World

In celebration of International Coffee Day, which takes place on 1 October every year, we wanted to share with you some of the best (and most unusual) ways that coffee is enjoyed across the globe. So when you head off on your travels, you’ll know exactly what to order and how to drink it! Read More

Pros and Cons of Flying Basic Economy

When it comes to travel for students, the cheapest option is often the best option. Saving money on flights, for example, means money you can visit that museum or eat at that restaurant you found on Instagram. And as airline tickets usually are one of the most pricey parts of your trip, many airlines have… Read More

7 Things That’ll Make You Fall in Love with the Northern Territory

What’s not to love about Australia’s Northern Territory? It’s an incredible mixture of bustling cities, important cultural sites, stunning national parks diverse wildlife. We’ve had the tough job of whittling our list down to just 7 things that’ll make you fall in love with the Northern Territory. 1.The Rich Culture Image credit: Northern Territory The Northern… Read More

Best Things To Do In Los Angeles

Got an upcoming trip to Los Angeles? Or are you thinking of booking a trip there very soon? Whatever your situation we wanted to give you our recommendations for some of the best things to do in Los Angeles.  Warner Bros. Studio Tour If you want to learn about the craft of making movies and… Read More

Your 2019 Top Summer Destinations!

Summer means no more classes, no more exams and lots of time to travel! We believe that you deserve a nice little getaway this summer, so we’re bringing the best summer destinations to you. Spend less time planning and more time travelling! So here are our top 10 destinations to visit this summer! Read More

Money Saving Tips For Your Summer Trips

The student lifestyle is often associated with the sacrifice of luxuries, such as trips abroad and epic touring experience. We all know too well the student loan struggle, leaving you pinching pennies and living off beans on toast at the end of each semester. Read More

The Ultimate Northern Territory Bucket List

Australia’s Northern Territory is one of the most stunning and varied states in Australia. On the one hand there’s the bustling city of Darwin, with its great bars, restaurants and budget accommodation. And on the other there’s the national parks of the Top End and Red Centre. All are fascinating and full to the brim with incredible things to do, see and experience. Read More

Best Spring Festivals

Spring time is nearly upon us! And with that comes some pretty incredible festivals dotted all across the globe.  Whether it’s a festival to mark the turn of a new year, to celebrate religion or to mark a natural event, there is something that everyone can enjoy. Here are our top picks for the best spring festivals you could be attending this year! Read More