5 Things Not To Pack When Studying Abroad

Many of us find that once we go on holiday we immediately regret bring those 3 tops we never wore and half the suitcase of things we never used. Studying abroad isn’t any different, you don’t want to be the girl or boy who has to throw things away because you didn’t need it. So if you’re off to study abroad soon here is the ultimate guide of the NO DON’T PACK list, so that you can make room for the more important things. Read More

5 Reasons To Study Abroad In Florence

Whether you’re a lover of food, art, architecture or just the great Italian culture studying in Florence brings a world of opportunities. Unlike its neighbors Rome and Venice, Florence truly offers you a unique experience. Once the capital of Italy and birthplace of the Italian Renaissance believe us when we say that there is so much to do and see so make sure you check out our video to get a first hand insight on reasons why you should study in Florence

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Top UK Sights You Must Visit Whilst Studying In London

Living in London can be awesome but sometimes it’s nice to get out and enjoy the rest of the UK. So why don’t you pack your camera, grab some friends and a big map because because you’ll be on adventure. With so many places to choose from we have created a list of the top places you have to see whilst studying in the UK, so get exploring!  Read More

Top Tips On How To Get To Ready For University Abroad

A big part of any study abroad experience in the UK is exploring and making the most of the opportunity away from home. But where do you start? Well if you’re a bit confused we have comprised a list of the top things to do before you start enjoying you’re time at university.  Read More

Interning In London – A Chinese Student Adventure

Interning can be a fascinating and exciting experience, however when you’re working in another country it can be equally as nerve-wracking. To get the scoop on interning in another country StudentUniverse had the chance to interview a Chinese student experiencing working in London. So if you’re an international student thinking about interning in the UK, make sure you check out this interview to get first hand insight on how London life can be.

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