Places to Travel in your 20s on a Budget

If you are in your twenties and not a Daniel Radcliffe or Zayn Malik then it’s understandable that you don’t really have the fortune to make the most expensive of your travel plans come true. However, that shouldn’t really stop you from travelling as well. We are ready with our list of the top budget destinations that can be covered by you in your twenties.

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Sneak Peek: Our Black Friday Travel Deals

This Black Friday we’re going above and beyond our usual discounts to bring you four, yes four, awesome Black Friday travel deals, two available online and two available when calling our team of travel experts. Believe us when we say, this will be our biggest and best Black Friday that we’ve ever had. Stay ahead of the curve and sign up here to be the first to know when they’re on sale.

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Seven Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be A Tour

The seemingly vast array of tours on offer can make committing to booking one quite an overwhelming prospect. Where do you visit? Do you want a large or a small group? What’s included? The list seems endless, and that’s why StudentUniverse has a dedicated team of travel experts on hand to help you find the ideal tour for you. Here’s why your next trip should be a tour:

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Top 7 Tips On Travelling Cheap

Though the idea of travelling is inspiring it can sometimes be hard and frustrating if you’re short for cash so it’s important you get to explore the right way. Get the most out of your trip by doing some things differently so you can see more of the country. Here at StudentUniverse we have created a list of the top ways that you can the most out of your trip by travelling cheap. Read More

How to Travel Comfortably

While travelling can be exciting it can also be very exhausting especially if you are travelling long distances. Getting a good rest is important and being comfortable will allow you to relax better. Here are a few tips I use when travelling long hours; Read More

Top 5 Mountain Destinations

If you thought you knew the best mountain destinations then you need to think again. Here at StudentUniverse, we have come with the top 5 mountain towns to go sightseeing with everything from landmarks, great architecture and popular culture we have it covered. So why not compare you’re bucket list to our top 5 places and see if you can make your list a bit more epic.

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