Fresher’s 2017 – Bigger, Better and even more EPIC!

Guess what? No really guess? If you haven’t figured it out, StudentUniverse is back out on the road yet another year for Fresher’s 2017 and we’ll be coming to a university near you stuffed with exciting prizes to be won, free giveaways, discounted flights, and tours. This is a perfect opportunity for you to meet the team, find out what exclusive deals we have on offer and how you can become a StudentUniverse member.


What To Expect From Freshers Week

What To Expect From Freshers Week

Everything’s new, you’re probably moving away from home for the first time and you’re surrounded by people you’ve never met. The first week at university is normally called ‘Freshers’ Week’ and will be packed through with new places, new activities and new faces. It can be a daunting time for many new students who are probably striking out on their own for the first time, but an exciting time too! One of the main things to remember is that, however confident and ‘at home’ other new students appear, they are probably just as nervous as you. You can prepare yourself beforehand though, by being a bit organised. So here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of all things you should expect during freshers week so that you’ll have a better idea of what to expect from your hectic first week at university.  (more…)

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