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Every year hundreds of thousands of young people work in Australia - and for good reason. With a booming economy, great weather, a cool lifestyle and a very generous minimum wage, it is easy to see why Australia is king of the hill when it comes to working holiday programs.

Working Holiday Visa

up to 12 months: £349

The Australia Work Abroad Visa gives you permission to work in Australia whilst you travel. A huge hit with backpackers the world over, it's the perfect opportunity to earn some money whilst you explore an amazing new country. Work in a range of professions across Australia as you choose to either settle in to one place or hop between some of the world's most popular cities.

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up to 8 days: £530

This trip is the ultimate way to start your gap year in Australia! Whether for a working holiday or just a trip around the country UltimateOz is the perfect introduction to the Aussie way of life. To be able to work you need to be aged between 18 – 30 and be eligible for a working holiday visa.

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Many countries including the United Kingdon, The United States and Ireland have reciprocal agreements with countries around the world to issue Working Holiday Visas to young adults that allows them to work for up to a year. Hundreds of thousands of young people around the world participate in work abroad programs, and we’re thrilled you are interested in working in another country. This is a great once in a lifetime opportunity to gain real world experience that will benefit your CV and better yet, you get paid while working abroad, gaining an experience in a new culture.

For all programs you must be:
Between 18-30 in age
A Level or Equivalent qualified
Of good character

Flights are not included with your work abroad program fee, however your StudentUniverse travel services team member can provide a competitive discounted student flight quote.

For students looking to travel the world, we offer our StudentUniverse members special rates on flights, hotels and tours, allowing students to travel more and spend less. Our unique pricing and terms are negotiated specifically for young people through contracts with dozens of world-class partners and more than 70 airlines. Membership is free.

No, you do not need a University degree to work in Australia.

The working holiday visa lasts one year.

Not at all! While the visa is valid for a year, you are under no obligation to stay in the country for the entire term.

Our Australia Work Abroad Traveller package is perfect for people who want to secure a job before they board a plane. Currently, we are able to offer this service to people interested in the following fields: hospitality, customer service, labour/construction and gardening/landscaping.

Australia Work Abroad Basic and Work Abroad Plus employers will want to meet with you face-to-face while you are in the country. Moving overseas without a firm employment offer may seem daunting, but the reality is that thousands of young people participate in working holiday programs around the world each year, and companies build in positions to attract this audience.

Our Australia work abroad job teams around the world will do everything possible to help you find a job. If you are willing to put in the effort to set up interviews and are flexible with the type of work you’re willing to do, you’ll be working in no time.

Each program includes either five or seven nights accommodation in a centrally located hostel. Following this, our in-country teams will assist you with securing longer term accommodation.

Our job teams will work with you to obtain a tax consultation before you return home. The vast majority of people end up with a sizable tax refund - a nice way to do some travelling on your way back home!

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