The hotel of mum and dad may have officially shut its doors leaving you thinking that summers spent enjoying yourself on holiday are little more than distant memories, but think again. StudentUniverse are here to help you make that dream of sipping cocktails at the beach again a reality with our newest guide on budgeting for your dream holiday.

1. Homemade dishes can save you a lot of money  

10 Top Ways to Budget for the Perfect Holiday This Summer

Cooking from scratch can be both rewarding for your health and for your wallet, not to mention it’s also cheaper and way more fun. The goal is to buy non-perishable food and to buy in bulk as this will eliminate continuous spending on supermarket foods. It is the ultimate trial and error but the greatest opportunity to get your friends round for a ‘food pooling’ where you take it in turns to cook.

2. Stay Trendy For Less


Stay Trendy For Less

Car boot sales are a bit of a hit and miss due to the weather but, don’t be put off as sometimes they are the best places to find hidden gems. They start early so be sure to know your nearest one so you don’t miss out on a bargain. Alternatively join freerecycle for free laptops, bikes and televisions and make sure you get your ‘thrift shop on’ and search in your local charity shops for styles from the past. You’ll be amazed at what people throw away.


3. Pre-drinks with friends to save  money on your nights out

save money on your nights out


Don’t worry, we know how much fun going out is, but it can also really affect your budget. A good way to get the best of both worlds is to consider having a couple to drink at home before you head out to the local bars. You might even find that the drinks at home become the best part of your nights!

4. Say no to paying with plastic

Set yourself a weekly budget and only pay in cash.This will prevent you from using your debit or credit card and allow you to keep track of what is leftover. Paying in cash will allow you to see and track your progress letting you know you are one step closer to jet setting abroad.

5. Maximise your finances whilst studying

We could all do with some extra cash and I’m not talking about robbing a bank here but cashing in on government funding. Depending on your course, socio-economic background and region you can receive grants and bursaries to help you throughout your degree. By using the Student Calculator you will be able to check your eligibility and could see your finances improve by up to £5000 a year.

6. Get that Beach body you’ve always wanted

Who needs a gym when you can get that summer body right in the comfort of your own room. There is no need to fork out on gym memberships when you can now use YouTube to find the best workout routines that fit around your daily schedule. You will be getting into shape in no time and saving a lot of money for your trip away. Try out the video below to get you started:


7. Half price hair cuts

Half price hair cuts

As a student you are entitled to a variety of student deals courtesy of NUS and other retailers. But would you believe me if I told you that you could get a free colour, cut or blowdry. Well this is true as many salons such as Toni &Guy and Rush look for hair models for their trainee hairdressers. Don’t all rush at once, but ask for an apprentice cut and thank me later. However if you’ve missed the opportunity for a free hair cut search online as some salons offer discounts for students. Alternatively if you fancy yourself as a bit of apro, grab some professional scissors from eBay or a localsupply store and a home colouring kit and give it a go yourself but be careful and make sure you don’t cut off more than you can chew.

8. Search online for the best deals on books

Saving for summer can start as early as the beginning of term. Avoid buying books for your modules from your schools book store. Shop around and compare online prices as you can bet you’ll find a cheaper version on Amazon or Ebay. For extra savings ask around as it’s likely that someone who previously did your course is getting rid of their books your local online student bookstore for cheap.

9. Collect points for a discounted shop

There are many perks to shopping online such as being able to collect points on your groceries and clothing that magically turn into vouchers and discounts for your next purchases. Grocery shopping online allows you to extensively compare the cheapest supermarkets and the products they offer; allowing you to create an online shopping list that shows you how much you’re spending. Delivery is always or most times free so you can be reassured that you are saving money on travelling.

10. Receive cashback straight to your phone

Receive cashback straight to your phone

Apps are widely available on Android and iPhone and can help you get back money spent. Apps such as Quidco allow you to receive cash back on items you have purchased using your debit/credit card; putting that extra cash back in its rightful place.


And last, but not least, remember to make a budget and stick to it. Making a budget is probably one of the best things you can do to save money; knowing how much you have to spend and staying within those limits is a fantastic skill, and it comes in extra handy when saving for your dream holiday.

Please share this post with your friends if it made you smile and let us know in the comments if you think we’ve missed any!


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