A student road trip during summer is a must and here at StudentUniverse we believe everyone in university or just finishing university must go on one, no matter how shoe-string your budget is. Often enough sticking to a budget allows you to have the most interesting journeys as you meet the weird and the wonderful. So we have comprised the ultimate guide for your best student road trips in the UK and outside the UK making sure you will be in for one long party.

Choose Your Car

First thing first, make sure you all decide or what car or cars you are choosing depending on the size of your group. It is vital that you make sure the car is fully serviced and any repairs are done prior to when you set off as you wouldn’t want a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Most importantly make sure you’re comfortable because a small car with not much leg room might be bad from your back long term as you may spend nights camped inside when it’s too late to drive.

How To Plan a Cheap Student Road Trip


You’re in for a long journey so you need to make sure you choose your road trip companions carefully. You may be able to tolerate your mates in halls but they may be a nightmare on the road. So if you’re planning on bringing someone you don’t know well, make sure you spend a lot of time as much as you can before you find out their annoying quirks and qualities. Stopping a thousand times so that they can go toilet doesn’t sound to fun; so it’s important you screen your friends carefully.

To avoid any hiccups be sure to clear up any old arguments before you go with friends as sometimes these can be left bubbling under the surface and can affect any decisions you make as a group. You will also find that taking smaller trips with friends before your ultimate road trips can help you decide who you want to invite and who’s more fit for a road trip.

choose your road trip companions carefully

Create a budget

To create the best way to budget for your road trip, it is important to map out where you plan to visit in the UK and abroad. The first way this can be done is through using a fuel cost calculator which will allow you to see how much you need between cities. It is also important to think about where you are going to stay whilst on your road trips and here at StudentUniverse we have a range of affordable hotels and hostels that suit everyone’s need.

create the best way to budget for your road trip


Whether it’s regarding the dates you’re travelling or the cities you’re going to, flexibility is a great way to take advantage of the best travel deals available. StudentUniverse allows you to check the comparability on flights and accommodations making sure you get the best deal for your road trip. Booking in late May and late August are your best bets for that summer road trip abroad as prices tend to be slighter lower than at peak times. Though the early bird sometimes gets the worm; booking eight to ten week before your ideal departure opens you up to the seats airlines are looking to give away.

take advantage of the best travel deals available at StudentUniverse

Make sure you have maps and guidebooks

When going on a road trip abroad make sure you have maps and guidebooks of important numbers and locations in case you and your friends get into an emergency. You will be able to download and get free maps online and guidebooks from the airport; these will show you driving routes and scenic maps.

have maps and guidebooks


It is important to remember that though you may be legal in one state, you may not be legal in another and if you’re going to America this may be the case. Depending on what state you are in it is important that you carry and show your ID, this can be in the form of a driving licence or passport. It doesn’t make a difference if you look older for your age you still have to show your ID when ordering alcoholic drinks or even a glass of wine with your meal as you can still be stopped by the police.

Not drink and drive


Make sure that your mobile is unlocked before you travel, as you may not be able to use your phone abroad. Another option is to buy a cheap phone once you get to the country you have decided. You will be able to get an international SIM card which charges you nothing to receive calls and less to make them than your UK network. Main providers are: Traveltalk SIM, GoSIM and GeoSIM. Alternatively, you can abandon your mobile and get a prepaid international phone card. You’ll get a lot more minutes for your money using a phone card than your mobile which is always handy.

Unlock your phone before go abroad

Make Sure You Have Insurance

It is important to have travel insurance whilst on your roadtrip incase you incur any costs along the way or any unexpected accidents. If your family is insured with their bank or major providers such as Avaia they would be able to list you and your possessions such as laptops, cameras and phones guaranteeing you cover over your holiday. If not why not check out MoneySuperMarket for comparable deals and get to your local post office for the free European Health Insurance Card for all European destinations.

Make Sure You Have Insurance


If you’re going in a big group it is important to make sure you don’t get lost especially if you’re the driver. Your best bet is for everyone to chip in for a GPS or if your renting your vehicle to get a car with an installed navigation system. Having a visual map allows you to view the different routes and where the most traffic is so that you can avoid it.

Bring a GPS

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