While travelling can be exciting it can also be very exhausting especially if you are travelling long distances. Getting a good rest is important and being comfortable will allow you to relax better. Here are a few tips I use when travelling long hours;

  1. Pack your Essentials- Everyone has a different idea of what their essentials might be, so before a trip sit down and truly think about the everyday products you use that will help you feel at home on your long journey. Make sure to pack them in a place that is easy to reach when you board your flight, also make sure they are appropriate and abide by airline regulations.
  2. Dress Like a Yogi- Luckily, yoga pants are in today so take advantage of them. Not only are they easy they are comfortable and easy to pair with any top or sweater. I know you may want to look cute and where a nice skirt or heels but after hours in the air you will be grateful you choose to be a yogi.You will have plenty of time to break out those cute outfits when you arrive at your destination. Along with what you wear pack comfortable items such as warm socks, a blanket, and a nice pillow. Be aware that these items will take up room so plan accordingly and make room for the most essential items. Remember it is usually freezing on planes so bring clothes that you can layer as the trip goes on.

3. Pick a Seat- Sometime before you board your flight check your seat, this is important and can help you avoid a cramped middle seat or loud isle seat. Look at what you prefer, and be proactive about getting the seat that works for you.

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