Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and epic surf.  Its impressive coastline stretches for 18,000 miles with 10,000 incredibly diverse beaches to enjoy. The wonderful clear blue water and gorgeous views are enough to excite any beach lover!

Choosing the best beaches in Australia in a tough ask, so instead, we’ve pulled together a list of the best seaside pictures. Check out our top 10 photos of Australia’s coastline and make sure these are on your list if you’re planning a trip Down Under:

1. Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles (well eight now) are a series of limestone rock formations created by erosion. The proximity of the rocks and the site’s natural beauty makes it a must if you’re travelling the Great Ocean Road.

2. Bondi Beach

bondi beach australia

One of Australia’s most well-known beaches, Bondi Beach is a popular hotspot for travellers. The home of Bondi Rescue is a wonderful spot to spend some time in the sun when you’re in Sydney. Plus, you can take an iconic shot like this one for you Instagram!

3. Surfers Paradise

Surfers Paradise Australia
© Tourism Australia

A suburb of Australia’s Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise is known for, well, surfing. Consistently regarded as one of the East Coast’s best beaches, Surfers Paradise is a great place to catch some waves. While you’re there, why not head up one of the epic skyscrapers to get a beach shot from above?

4. Pink Lake Western Australia – Lake Hillier

Pink Lake Hiller

The most uniquely coloured of Australia’s lakes, Lake Hiller is known for its unusual colouring. The colour is caused by an organism called Dunaliella salina, which causes the salt in the lake to create a red dye. It lies just next to the Pacific Ocean and the contrast between the pink of the lake and the blue of the ocean is mesmerising!

5. Whitsunday Islands

<Whitsunday Islands Australia
© Tourism Whitsundays

A collection of islands off the central coast of Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands are both vast and beautiful. There are a total of 74 islands and islets in the group with hidden beaches and friendly towns. Sailing around this tropical coastline is a feast for the senses.

6. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef Australia

This iconic Australian landmark (or ocean mark) needs no introduction. The Great Barrier Reef should be on everyone’s bucket list. Composed of 2,900 individual reefs and islands, it spans an impressive 1,400 miles. It’s so big in fact that is can be seen from outer space!

7. Cabe Beach

Cable Beach Australia
Tourism Australia

Named for the telegraph wire laid between Java and Broome, Cable Beach has mostly gentle waves and is a lovely spot for a beach getaway. Here you’re likely to bump into one of the 1,000,000 Australian camels (yes, you read correctly!)

8. Esperance

Esperance Australia
© Tourism Australia

wave dubbed the “Cyclops” wave, you’re also likely to get a killer photo of a beach kangaroo!

9. Phillips Island

Phillips Island Australia
© Phillip Island Nature Park

Phillips Island is home to the adorable little Fairy Penguins and has a park where visitors can feed kangaroos and wallabies by hand. For animal lovers, this coastal spot is a must see.

10. Mindil

Mindil Australia

Mindil Beach is home to Australia’s Sunset Markets which attract thousands of tourists and locals alike. The market runs during the dry season and has about 200 stalls.
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