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If you’re looking for a holiday experience that encompasses intriguing adventure and rich culture you should look no further than Morocco. The mouth-watering cuisine, remarkable natural landscapes and grand palaces are just a few of the countless reasons to visit the North African country.



From camel rides through the high dunes of the Sahara desert to the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the spectacular orange-hued canyon formations to the picturesque Mediterranean beaches… the country will not disappoint with its magnificent landscapes which make traveling to Morocco the ultimate adventure.



Be prepared to be greeted by the smell of amazing herbs and spices baked into Moroccan cuisine at every corner! With influences from Arab, Mediterranean, Jewish and African palettes this cuisine is renowned for its outstanding flavor and originality.



Riads are traditional Moroccan houses that have been turned into bed and breakfast style hotels. These gorgeous, ancient homes offer a unique accommodation experience with their splendid architecture and interior garden courtyards.



Morocco has plenty of wondrous shops and bazaars where you will find anything to everything and for a reasonable price- if you’re willing to bargain! The city of Marrakech is home to one of the biggest markets where you can shop for jewelry, leather goods, spices, pottery, woven rugs all in the richest of colors.


Just a few hours traveling from the UK to a destination filled with the perfect blend of beauty, history, and culture… there’s no reason to think twice about booking Morocco as your next holiday. Bag a bargain on flights, tours and hotels with StudentUniverse.

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Cara · 10/09/2016 at 6:11 pm

Morocco has so much to offer for adventure from white mountain peaks, colourful cities and dramatic Atlantic coastline. There’s many adventures on offer where theres opportunities to bargain hunt in bustling bazaars and journey deep into the Atlas mountains to spend time with the Berber people, helping out with a community project. You can cook traditional Moroccan tagines in bustling Marrakech, visit the sleepy laid back coastal town of Essaouira and trek along the wild Atlantic coast. Its a superb introduction to Arab North Africa and offers an experience that, although only a few hours by plane, is a million miles away from home .

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