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Student flights from the UK to Europe

Europe is home to an extraordinary mix of cultures, languages, architecture, history and delicacies, making it a student backpacker’s dream. Students and young people will find an endless amount of things to see, do and experience in every country in Europe. Discover the street art scene in Germany and Portugal, eat absolutely everything in sight in France, Italy and Spain and embrace Scandi culture in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

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map of Europe showing major airports

What are the main Europe airport hubs?

Europe has a number of airport hubs across many countries. Deciding on what country you want to visit and what part of said country will determine what airport hub you end up flying into or out of.

By default the capital cities of each European country are airport hubs in their own right, so we’re talking Berlin in Germany, Madrid in Spain, Prague in the Czech Republic and Zurich in Switzerland, to name just a few. But other airport hubs exist too, in particular, those with excellent flight connections to longer-haul destinations. These include Frankfurt, Amsterdam Schiphol, Copenhagen and Paris Charles de Gaulle.

Europe is super easy to travel around and considering how many countries this region encompasses, there are a number of airport hubs around. So if you’re looking to take a longer trip and explore more of the region, you can easily arrive into one of the hubs and head home from another.

How to fly from the UK to Europe

The UK is well served when it comes to flights to Europe. Its proximity means quick, easy and super cheap flights. Perfect for those spontaneous weekend trips away when the student loan comes in.

Ryanair and EasyJet are the big names when it comes to airlines that fly from the UK to Europe, but they’re not the only options available. Also operating flights from the UK to Europe are British Airways, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Icelandair, Finnair and Norwegian Air.

When is the best time to fly to Europe?

The best time to fly to Europe is totally dependent on what part of Europe you wish to visit. But you’ll find that a lot of backpackers and students travel between the months of May and September, as the weather is generally better in most of the European countries by this point in the year.

July and August are the busiest months for visiting Europe, but in some of the major cities it’s a lot quieter than expected, as locals and tourists alike flock to other destinations to escape the heat. Christmas can also be a busy time of the year, as well as around any major events, festivals or holidays in your chosen destination. Whilst planning the dates of your trip it may be best to conduct some country research to see when these festivities and events will be taking place.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from the UK to Europe?

Avgprice JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDate of search £100£200£300£400£500£600£700£800£900£1000£1100

Prices based on bookings made 30-60 DAYS days prior to departure.

Why do British students love visiting Europe?

Europe is a popular choice for British students, due to its proximity to the UK, the discounted flight options to the region and the student-friendly cities which can be experienced on a student budget. Each city offers something so different, so deciding where to travel is just the start of your journey.

Europe universities and campuses

Europe universities and campuses

Europe has been a top choice for British students when considering a destination for their study abroad experience. It’s close to home, fairly cheap to travel to and from and has a high number of top-ranking higher educational institutes in the region. These include ETH Zurich, LMU Munich, Karolinska Institute and KU Leuven.

Europe lifestyle and culture

Europe lifestyle and culture

For British students visiting and studying in Europe, you’ll find that the lifestyle and culture of the region will vary from country to country. But it likely won’t stray too far from what you’re used to at home. One of the biggest challenges in Europe is trying to master a few key phrases from each country. But hey, learning a new language is all part of the fun!

Seasons are fairly similar to what we have in the UK, but you’ll find that some countries in Europe (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal) may enjoy slightly warmer weather in the summer. The same goes in winter too, with the Scandinavian and Eastern European countries facing colder temperatures than in the UK.

Exploring Europe on a student budget

Exploring Europe on a student budget

Europe is a great place to travel on a student budget, with many countries having lower living costs than that of the UK. Bear in mind that some cities, such as Paris, Zurich and Copenhagen are some of the most expensive in the world, so do consider this before travelling. But fear not, it’s incredibly cheap to travel within Europe, there is a great hostel culture and cheap (and delicious) eats can be found pretty much everywhere you turn.

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