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You can go further and get more from your time at University with our cheap student flights! Sign up for a free membership and you'll get special travel deals from our partners, including last minute flights, discounted hostels and cheap tour packages.

Some people might tell you to stay home and focus on your studies, to save the vagabonding for when you're older. At StudentUniverse, we believe now is the time to travel. As Saint Augustine once said, “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Expand your horizons; study abroad in Italy, find work in Australia or start the East Asia backpacking trip of your dreams. Whatever the destination, StudentUniverse will help you turn the page.

Student & Youth Flights

Save on cheap air tickets as a student or youth traveller. We work directly with international airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Emirates to get you the cheapest flights possible for all your study abroad and school vacation needs. Subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook for the best flights deals. You can even save on one-way and working holiday flights as well! Be flexible with your travel dates and check our promo page frequently — the biggest barrier to travel is transportation, so don’t let it stand in your way. Book cheap flights today!

Cheap Hotels

So you’ve got your plane ticket, but nowhere to go once you hit the tarmac. We understand that travelling costs more than the collective price of a round trip flight and waterproof map. That’s why we negotiate directly with cheap hotels to get you the best stay for your money. Choose from thousands of hotels across the globe that offer StudentUniverse member-only rates. Whether it's New York, Bangkok or Beijing, you can sleep easy knowing we’ve got your back.

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Travel Insurance

You never know what could happen when you travel abroad, so it's important to protect yourself. Our travel insurance gives you peace of mind knowing we’ll help you with incidents before, during and after your trip, no matter how big or how small.

Hotel Boutique Reino Del Plata

Gap Year Programs

The world is your oyster and there are thousands of experiences and opportunities waiting right around the corner. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on round the world flights, arranging a work abroad placement in Australia or a volunteering trip to Africa, StudentUniverse can handle every aspect of your gap year travel. Get in touch with our specialist teams today to choose your perfect gap year program and take the next step towards a trip of a lifetime.

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Round the World Flights

Bag a bargain on round the world flights at StudentUniverse. Our specially designed flight combinations are perfect for your gap year, bringing you to the world’s most iconic destinations that matter to you! Choose between a variety of routes, from The Triple A to The Down-Under Explorer.

A recent report found that students who studied abroad earned an average of £3,120 more than their homebody peers.

Travelling of any kind is a marketable experience that many employers look for on your CV.

Hong Kong is the world’s most popular tourism destination, with London coming in second.

Studies show that travelling can improve your physical and mental health, as well as boost creativity.

Student Travel Tours Around the World

There are dozens of moving parts in any given trip. Sometimes planning your itinerary is fun, and sometimes it’s a huge burden. Browse StudentUniverse tour packages for affordable solutions to complicated travel. As much as you consider yourself a DIY travelling pro, sometimes it's way smarter, even necessary, to book a tour that suites your needs. Tour guides are especially useful for extremely popular and crowded locations, or when you're sightseeing in a time crunch and can’t afford to make any wrong turns. Some areas like Tibet legally require you to travel with a specially approved tour guide and visa. Many adventure tours, like safaris or rainforest excursions, also require a professional guide to keep you safe.

Multi Destination Map

Multi Destination Tours

Depending on how much time you have, StudentUniverse’s multi-destination tours can guide you across countries, continents or the entire world! Think of it as a way to maximise your airfare… why cross one or two places off your bucket list when you could knock off ten in one trip?

Gap Year Travel Plans

Gap Year Adventures

We partner with G Adventures to bring you thrilling, customisable adventure tours. These packages are perfect for Gap Year or as an add on to your semester abroad. Gap Year adventures work for groups and solo travellers. Half the fun is getting to know your fellow tour-mates!

Airplane Sky Multi Day Travel

Multi Day Tours

Book a multi-day tour as a stand-alone vacation or tack it onto a preexisting trip. Whether you choose a seven day journey through Italy or a three day excursion on the Bolivian Salt flat, multi-day tours allow you to devote extra time to whatever catches your interest.

Group Student Travel made Simple with our Expert Travel Services Team

Student Travel Services

At StudentUniverse, we take travel services to the next level. Our 24-hour customer care centre is open seven days a week to help you negotiate the best flight deals with our partnered airlines. With the free StudentUniverse membership, you’ll also have access to a dedicated travel agent who can help you book the perfect tour or build customised itineraries. Students depend on the StudentUniverse team to start their next adventure — why shouldn’t you?