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Best student & youth fares right now to Las Vegas

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Student flights from the UK to Las Vegas

Vivaaa, Las Vegas! We all need a vice now and again, and Sin City is stuffed with them. The party capital of the world is everything you’ve heard it is: a neon-lit metropolis in the middle of the desert, full of gigantic casinos and luxury hotels.

Even if you don’t have much money to gamble (aka to throw away), just being here for the atmosphere is a travel experience in its own right. Get lost in the mega casinos (they’re purposely designed to make finding the exit difficult, and no windows mean you can quickly lose track of time), watch the huge fountains outside the Bellagio, and try to get into a pool party at the Wynn. The Hoover Dam is about half-an-hour’s drive away, so when the bright lights get too much, go have a look!

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What are the main Las Vegas airports, and how do I get from them to central Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is served by one international airport: the McCarran International Airport. Thankfully, it’s located close to “the Strip,” or the main city of Las Vegas, and has plenty of transportation options.

McCarran International Airport / LAS: Located just five miles from downtown Vegas, flying into McCarran Airport and getting to the city centre is a straightforward affair. There are a variety of airport shuttle buses that will take you to The Strip for about $10, though keep in mind that many of the larger hotels will also offer a shuttle service that might be included in the cost of your stay. A taxi or an Uber/Lyft will take about 15 minutes and cost around $10-15.

How to fly from the UK to Las Vegas

There are plenty of direct flights from major UK airports to Las Vegas, so it really comes down to which airline you want to fly with! From London, the journey takes around 11 hours (and it’ll be about the same from other UK airports), and a variety of airlines do the route. These include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American Airlines, Iberia and Norwegian. If you want to have a stop along the way to stretch your legs, there’s plenty of options for that as well.

Cheap flights to Las Vegas
from London

Average flight duration

11 hours

Number of daily flights

30+ per day

Cheap flights to Las Vegas
from Manchester

Average flight duration

17 hours

Number of daily flights

5 per day.

When is the best time to fly to Las Vegas?

Vegas is very much a year-round destination in terms of its main attractions, which mostly consist of casinos, shows and general partying. Keep in mind, however, that Vegas is in the middle of the Nevada desert, so it can get a bit sticky in the height of summer (think highs of about 40 degrees celsius in August). Of course, being inside—which is where most people spend their time—always provides cool air-conditioning.

When is the cheapest time to book a flight from the UK to Las Vegas?

Avgprice JanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDecDate of search £100£200£300£400£500£600£700£800£900£1000£1100

Prices based on bookings made 60-91 days prior to departure.

Why do British students love visiting Las Vegas?

Despite its reputation for glamour, hedonism and all-round opulence, Vegas is actually possible to experience on a student budget! Of course, it’s also the perfect place to treat yourself and forget about the real world for a few days.

Las Vegas universities and campuses

Las Vegas universities and campuses

The main Las Vegas higher education establishment is The University of Nevada, which is located a couple of miles or so from the strip. The university accepts international students from all over the world. There are currently students from around 70 different nations, including the United Kingdom, studying there. While Las Vegas isn’t exactly known as a studying spot, if you really want to, it is possible!

Las Vegas lifestyle and culture

Las Vegas lifestyle and culture

Most people visit Las Vegas for the casinos and party scene, and this has come to define the general lifestyle as far as the Strip is concerned. But you might be surprised to find that away from all the bright lights, Vegas is actually a pretty normal American city. It’s surrounded by the great outdoors, so there’s plenty on offer for adventure enthusiasts, like rock climbing, hiking and kayaking. It’s also pretty close to places like Los Angeles, the Grand Canyon and Zion National Park.

Exploring Las Vegas on a student budget

Exploring Las Vegas on a student budget

All the big, famous casinos are free to enter and you can explore at your leisure, so you can absolutely soak up the atmosphere without spending a penny. If you do have a penny or two to spare, there is no shortage of low-stakes slot machines, so you can have a little gamble at no risk to your bank account! Classic sights like the Bellagio Fountains are free to enjoy, too. Be forewarned: food and drinks in Las Vegas (at least on the Strip) are generally pretty expensive, so plan accordingly! If you want to save on accommodation, try staying in a hotel off the Strip—although plenty of centrally-located hotels have deals that’ll help your wallet and keep you close to all the action.

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