Turkish Airlines Student Discount

Turkish Airlines and StudentUniverse

You can access student and youth discounts on flights with Turkish Airlines by booking through StudentUniverse. Whether you're studying abroad and need cheap flights back and forth or if you're going on holiday, you save big on flights with Turkish Airlines at StudentUniverse.

Destinations Served

Travel with Turkish Airlines to 231 international destinations in 113 countries, with the recently announced destinations, including Hong Kong, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus and Taiwan. For example you'll find fares to..

Europe: Istanbul, Milan, Munich, Paris, Budapest, Athens, Brussels

North America: New York, Houston, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta

Asia: Bangkok, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Tokyo, Osaka

... and a whole host of other fantastic destinations including Philippines, Argentina, Mauritius, and more.

Turkish Airlines Economy

Travelling in economy with Turkish Airlines means that you will get purely fresh and best-quality ingredients; meal options that elegantly selected from Turkish and world cuisine comprise the richest selections from Turkish cuisine.

Depending on the type of aircraft, you can expect to choose from 350 films, short programs, latest releases, music and games. For the ultimate comfort you can expect onboard power receptacle on the front foot bar underneath the seat pan supplies energy for laptops and other electrical devices.