Avoid the crowds and save some money by visiting some of the world’s most amazing sites during the off season.

1. Winter Surfing in Portugal

Winter in Portugal is ideal for surfers because the swells are huge and beaches are empty from the crowds that emerge during the summer months. Although you will need to bring a wet suit the water is not as cold as some other places during this time of year.

5 of the Worlds Best Off-Season Adventures

2. Winter in Venice 

Being able to view St. Marks square with only a few other people passing through is a rare sight. Usually the square sees thousands of people all grappling at the beauty and awe it offers the world. Although Venice in the winter is known to be wet and cold a good pair of goulashes and layers will keep you warm and dry as you see an amazing wonder first hand.

Winter in Venice 

3. Lake Baikal in Russia 

If you can handle the cold you can handle Lake Baikal. Although cold the Siberian Lake offers off-season visitors the chance to walk across the frozen lake, and if walking isn’t good enough other options exist such as; taking a dog sled, skis, snowmobiles, or an ice hovercraft.  But not to worry after you brave the cold, saunas nearby will always be there to welcome you in.

Lake Baikal in Russia 

4. Tuscany In October 

While their tourist season has pretty much come to an end, visiting Tuscany in October can be a magical experience. This is because the beginning of harvest season is upon them. Enjoy the passion and love they hold within in them as they begin to harvest their grapes  that you will be able to taste in their delicious wines.

Tuscany In October

5. Cyprus In March

Quit frequently Cyprus tends to have fairly pleasant weather in March (spring time).  Although the season has not begun just yet, the trees and flowers are in blossom and the airy weather makes for a beautiful time to site see.

 Cyprus In March


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