The Ultimate Sites To Visit In Your 20's

Travelling in your twenties is a great chance to shape your views on the world and understand what you’ll like to do in life. You’re more appreciative of other cultures than you were in your teens, and you still have the energy for endless exploring. So here at StudentUniverse we have devised the perfect list of the ultimate places you should visit in your twenties.

New York

New York is a classic bucket-list destination which is definitely worth the hype. This is one city that truly never sleeps and is home to the weird and the wonderful. There’s a lot to do such as visiting the MOMA where some of the most spectacular pieces of art are showcased for free every Friday. If art doesn’t rock your boat, why not make history and travel across the Brooklyn Bridge which links Manhattan and Brooklyn so you can experience the true range of New York diversity. Just by roaming the streets of New York you can find a deep sense of culture, really good food and a lot of history.

Make sure to visit: Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Joey’s Pizzeria Time Square, Natural History Museum

Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty, Joey's Pizzeria Time Square, Natural History Museum

The Great Wall Of China

Unless you’ve been living in captivity all your life then you must know of the world’s most famous wall. It may not be the most unusual thing to see in your twenties, but The Great Wall Of China allows you to be inspired, cultural and captivated. Whilst in China a bucket list must is the Zhangye Danxia Landform which was formed around 6 million years ago. The Danxia landform consists of unique colourful steep cliffs which appear to be canvas like for its picturesque view. 

Make sure you visit: Tianzi Mounatins


Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is undeniably beautiful and should be a high contender on your bucket list. The best time to visit Sweden is during the summer, as the skies are extra blue and you can spend the day wondering the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan. If you fancy yourself as a bit of an explorer; you can make an excursion to some of the roughly 30,000 islands that make up the skärgård archipelago.

Make sure you visit: Ferry to Stockholm’s Djurgården Island, Nordic Museum 

Ferry to Stockholm's Djurgården Island, Nordic Museum


If you’re looking for a South Asia Adventure, Bali is the place to be. Bali is located just south of the equator and is known for its beaches, beauty and magnificent culture. You can be assured that your entire experience will be peaceful and relaxing as you bask in the apex of tropical living. There is no such thing as boredom in Bali as there is everything for everyone. If it’s just partying, sipping cocktails, arts and history or just relaxing in the spa and doing yoga, Bali does all these things so let us take you away.

Make sure you visit: Rice terraces at Jatiluwith,  Explore Tenganan, Mount Batur


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is the original sin city; as the party never stops. This is one destination that offers the perfect balance of beautiful architecture, delicious food and a guaranteed good time. Once here you should visit secluded bayous by air-boat or unleash your artist side at the Arts District.

Make sure you visit: The French Quarter, Sample Cajun and Creole delicacies


Wroclaw, Poland

Poland is a fantastic destination for the ultimate Eastern European experience to visit in your twenties. With a variety of cheap hotels, hostels and beer this is one student mecca. Travel with us to get a great deal on your flights to ensure you’ll have a big smile on your face throughout your trip. With many techno nights and alternative music nights, you might want to take it easy during the day and check out its National Museum which has the largest collections of contemporary art.

Make sure you visit: Wawel Castle, Kraków’s Old Town, The former Jewish quarter (Kazimierz) and Rynek Glowny main square.



Nothing screams youth fun louder than Thailand. Known as one of the most visited destinations by students in recent times, Thailand is blessed with some of the most luxurious and beautiful beaches, clubs and sights. Koh Lipe is arguably one of the most magnificent beaches in Thailand and is a great location for any backpacker as: food, drink and accommodation are well suited to a student budget. Elephants are Thailand’s national, symbolic and sacred animal, and the elephant is treated very highly among locals, so don’t expect to   go very far without encountering one. After all the adventure, relax and have an exquisite Thai massage which can be located in pretty much every corner you turn. 

Make sure you visit: Chian Dao elephant Camp, Thai Elephant Conservation Centre


Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

Get your sun screen and sunglasses out because no trip to Egypt is complete until you’ve stood at the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo.The Great Pyramid of Giza was built around 2560 BC as a tomb for the Egyptian Pharaoh Khurfu. It took 20 years to construct and using nearly 2.3 million blocks of stones sits at 450ft high (pheww) and is the world’s tallest building for 4 millennia.

Make sure you visit: Visit the Sphinx, Egptian Museum of Ciaro

Visit the Sphinx, Egptian Museum of Ciaro


Your still in your twenties and its okay for you to play dress up. So why not feel like an Empress or Warrior in Japan’s Kyoto. The city has grand palaces, ornate shrines and exquisite gardens; Kyoto is the Japan you imagine, with Maiko dancers in the streets wearing kimonos, the famous Aoi-matsuri Festival celebrating the two Karmo shrines and the spectacular autumn leaves that transform the former capital of Japan. Don’t leave the city without touring the streets of Kyoto dressed up as a real geisha or maiko, spending the night in Kyoto.

Make sure you visit: Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion Temple, Nikko, Ski at Niseko


Paris, France

If you’re looking for romance there’s no better place to visit than Paris. Dubbed as the most romantic destination in the world you be able to admire its world famous cuisine, incredible art museums and fashion. To complete any bucket list you must visit the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame.

Make sure you visit: Sacre Coer, Paris Arc de Triomphe

Sacre Coer, Paris Arc de Triomphe



Paradise is waiting and we are looking forward to taking you there. So why not escape and jet off to the Bahamas. Bahamas is made up of a 100,000-square-mile group of 700 islands is mystical place any 20 something should experience. Let your hair down as you enjoy the night-life the Bahamas are famous for. One spot you’ll definitely want to see is the 601 Nightclub. Located in Nassau, this sophisticated destination is for wine and dining.

Make sure you visit: Explore Andros Island, Lucaya National Museum, Blue Lagoon Island 



New Jersey, United States

If you’re a Jersey Shore fan why not join the thousands of travellers that flock to Jersey Shore every year and experience the beaches, people and nightlife. With 130 miles of beautiful beaches why not have a slice of paradise in the USA. After Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Jersey Shore has successfully rebuilt its towns and has upgraded its beaches so there’s no time than the present to get your toes deep in sand and your skin as tanned as Snookie.

Make sure you visit: Atlantic City Boardway, Ocean way, Cape May


Goa, India

Since the 1960’s Goa has been notorious for providing a home from the worlds trance ravers but the Indian Ocean sets the perfect backdrop for the nightlife for young people. Once in Goa head down to the beautiful islands of Anjuna, Palolem and Morjim where you will find alternative music, river cuisine and amazing trails.

Make sure you visit: The Red Fort, India Gate, Arga Fort 

The Red Fort, India Gate, Arga Fort 


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