7 Unique Places Every Student Should Visit In Europe

7 Unique Places Every Student Should Visit In Europe

Travelling away from home can be very frightening and yet so exciting. It’s crucial you make the most of the years studying by seeing some amazing and new places. To make this task a little easier for you; we have created a list of the top 7 places every student should visit in Europe. Travelling around Europe doesn’t have to be all about seeing the Big Ben this and Eiffel Tower although they are must sees. There’s are a lot of other cool stuff to do and places to discover. (more…)

The Ultimate Student Holiday In Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in the world as it hosts a range of attractions and activities for its many visitors suiting everyone’s need. The city is cosmopolitan, unique, diverse and caters to the lifestyle of any student as you won’t have to go out and spend a fortune to have a good time in the city. Lucky for you here at StudentUniverse we have created the perfect competition that allows you and three friends to end your summer in style in Barcelona.  (more…)

Top getaways in Eastern Europe

The Best Student Getaways In Eastern Europe

If you are looking for history, culture and fun all wrapped up in one then Eastern Europe is for you! It’s not only the most affordable place to go but it also comes with amazing views and parties. Here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of the most intriguing countries that Eastern Europe has to offer to create the perfect getaway for students.  We have highlighted the most popular destinations and the go-to places and activities to make sure that your getaway is anything but boring. (more…)

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