If you fancy a city break then we recommend that you visit Europe, with so many places to see you’ll be sure to make a saving when you book with us. Europe has become cheaper than it’s ever been in a long time, with so many iconic sights, museums and cuisines, the time couldn’t be any more perfect. We suggest that you check out our top places for that student friendly holiday.

1. Lisbon

At the top of our list is the charming and magnificent Portuguese capital of Lisbon. You’ll be surprised how far your money will stretch in this amazing city. If you, like many people enjoy your tea and coffee in the morning you can expect to pay less than a Euro whilst a ride around town on the rickety but romantic network of old trams for similar bargain prices. If you’re  a lover of art and history then you’ll enjoy the free museums with works from the contemporary Museu Coleccao Berardo. Don’t forget however to enjoy the sun on one of Lisbon’s amazing south beaches.

Top 10 Super Cheap Places To Visit In Europe

*Travel dates-13/05/15 – 17/05/15* – £79

2. Barcelona 

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities in Europe and is one of the cheapest.  On the coats there are a variety of beaches, galleries and events and with the combination of the weather this is one place where you’ll get the ultimate relaxation.Located off Las Ramblas, Placa Reil is perfect for anyone looking for traditional and Catalan restaurants in Barcelona. With almost three miles of coastline, you’ll be spoilt for choice by Barcelona’s and is home to seven beautiful beaches such as the Sant Sebastia, Barceloneta, Nova Icaria and Mar Bella. So be sure to pack some sun cream and your best bikini or shorts because you can’t miss this opportunity to tan.

*Travel dates-20/05/15 – 25/05/15* – £116

3. Berlin

Despite being Europe’s largest economy, Berlin is also Europe’s cheapest cities. With so much to see such as Cold War and WWII relics and contemporary art you’ll never get bored in this city. Make sure you do a bit of shopping as you’ll not get these prices anywhere else; Germany is renowned for its cheap market stalls. Wine down to some traditional German food or bar hop between some of the coolest and most fun bars and clubs on the planet. Also expect to find accommodation at a fraction of the price that’ll you’d pay in London, Paris or Rome.

Berlin Europe’s largest economy

*Travel dates-13/05/15 – 17/05/15* – £79

4. Krakow

Great for a holiday away with friends, you can expect to find nothing but bargains in Krakow. With a range of cheap hostels, bars and restaurants you’ll be sure to keep the prices very low whilst you enjoy Poland’s beautiful city and local culture.

Krakow Great for a holiday away with friends

*Travel dates-13/07/15 – 17/07/15* – £102

5. Edinburgh

If you’re looking to visit somewhere in the UK then you must visit Edinburgh. One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Edinburgh is made of cobbled streets and home to the world’s most luxurious landmarks; perfect for any explorer and international student looking to see more than London. Explore Princes Street Gardens for wonderful monuments and stunning floral displays; this is park is perfect for early morning strolls or an afternoon nap on the grass. Why not end the day with dinner at one of Edinburgh’s amazing pubs and restaurants which will definitely settle your stomach.

*Travel dates-1/07/15 – 5/07/15* – £43

6. Milan 

Home to Italy’s stock exchange, Milan is the fashion, art capital and one of the cheapest capitals in Europe. The Brera district is known as the Montmartre of Milan and is one of the best places to hang if you love cool and unique bars and cafes. Milan is a becoming a student mecca with the Rectangle of Gold which is the world’s most famous fashion district. You’ll be able to shop until you drop without having to tighten your pockets. Many of the best-known fashion houses and outlets are  based here which means you’ll get quality brands for cheaper prices. It doesn’t get any better than that!

*Travel dates-1/07/15 – 5/07/15* – £118

7. Budapest

If you love a mix of house, noeoclassical, baroque and Art Nouveau architecture then you’ll love Budapest. Why not visit this magnificent city and try out some of the most amazing thermal baths and nightclubs known in Europe. You should also save time to savor Budapest’s culture, history, and natural beauty. Split by the Danube River, Budapest is comprised of three main regions (Pest, Buda, and Óbuda), which are surrounded by old architecture and beautiful parks. You’ll find almost every cuisine imaginable here, and the prices are very affordable that can sample most of them.

Budapest mix of house, noeoclassical, baroque and Art Nouveau architecture

*Travel dates-03/06/15 – 07/06/15* – £86

8. Prague

Prague is one of the most magnificent cities to visit in Europe with post-card picture views and amazing architectural galleries this is on place you don’t want to miss. Most of Prague’s sights can be reached on foot so why not take a week to explore this great city; starting with the stunning Dancing Horse building which stands next to the Vitava River. The Dancing Horse is a modern glass building surrounded by historic architecture such as the Prague Castle and Viktov Hill. Make sure you spend the rest of your time in Prague visiting the Ginger & Fred Restaurant which is one of the city’s leading and cheap restaurants with one of a kind top floor views.

*Travel dates-13/05/15 – 17/05/15* – £140

9. Paris

If you love food, art and fashion then you must visit Paris. Undoubtedly a city of love; we are sure that its fine architectures will captivate your hearts alongside the parisian cuisines. Paris has a little something for everyone; everything from cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes. You can be sure to find that the different regions of France has a specialised dishes so you’ll always be spoilt for choice and if that wasn’t enough lunch is usually comprised of six distinct plats (courses) which means you’ll never go hungry ! If that isnt enough why to visit the Shakespeare & Co in Paris for a good read in this most contemporary book shop. Upstairs you’ll find the local’s playing the piano and artists chatting away, a conversation you would want to be a part of.

*Travel dates-10/05/15 – 14/05/15* – £79

10. Istanbul

Right on the edge of Europe and across from Asia is the beautiful city of Istanbul. One of the best cities to visit in Europe, you’ll be sure to find some of the most world-class attractions and cuisine. With low hotel prices combined with cheap flights due to the city’s status as a major air hub you’ll have a bit of cash left over to enjoy all of what Turkey has to offer.

the beautiful city of Istanbul

*Travel dates-17/06/15 – 22/06/15* – £124

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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