If you are looking for history, culture and fun all wrapped up in one then Eastern Europe is for you! It’s not only the most affordable place to go but it also comes with amazing views and parties. Here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of the most intriguing countries that Eastern Europe has to offer to create the perfect getaway for students.  We have highlighted the most popular destinations and the go-to places and activities to make sure that your getaway is anything but boring.

Transylvania, Romania

There are a lot of places to go to if you’re looking to get spooked but nothing beats Transylvania. Best known for the origin of vampires and howling wolves Transylvania borders on the east of the Carpathian Mountains and is otherwise known as ‘the land beyond the forest’ however there is no need to pack your garlic as Transylvania has been said to be one of the most captivating regions in the whole of Eastern Europe. So why not grab your friends along for the most mysterious student getaway. Bram Stokers 1897 novel of Vlad Dracula has made many locals regard Dracula as a hero, and after years of debates, the Romanian tourism board has developed the ultimate vampire tribute for tourists to explore and re-live the tales of Dracula. So get like Scobby-doo and solve Romania big mystery.

Riga, Lativa

Riga is known for its party antics and would be a great getaway for a weekend with the boys. You would be able to enjoy a pub crawl or just a nice dinner at the Lido restaurant. Latvia is populated with a majority of Russians accounting for 43.7% of the population so don’t be surprised if the locals do not speak much English. If you’ve thought you’ve escaped Starbucks; think again as even Riga have their own Starbucks, admittedly renamed to the Double Coffee. However it comes with a twist and they include coffee, beer and even simple meals on the menu. With so much to do such as visiting the Riga Zoo, the Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum and the House of the Blackheads where you will be able to source the finest goods for an affordable price, let us take you away.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and centralizes on a youthful and unique atmosphere which comes with an awesome student night life. Nicknamed the Paris of the East, Budapest comes with a cheaper price tag with well priced food and low-cost hostels, so you wouldn’t just be saving on flights by booking your whole trip with us. If you’re looking for a chilled night out with a unique taste in music then you must find yourself a ruin bar; named ruin due to the courtyard settings these bars have a range of different rooms for different music genres and styles to go along with it. The best are Szimpla and Instant as they have a mixture of vintage chairs and coaches for a relaxing night drinking. However once you’ve done drinking why not try out Budapest’s famous baths which are located everyone in the capital, you will be able to unwind and thank your lucky stars that you’re in an amazing country with your friends. Additionally you cannot leave without checking out the Open Book Fountain which gives the illusion that a supernatural force is turning the water based pages; this is a must for any East Europe bucklist adventure.

Koycegiz, Turkey

Koycegiz is known to mean small poor village and its perfect for students as in recent times it has become the most visited place for backpackers and independent travellers. This small village offers you a variety of adventure seeking activities such as jumping into the blue waters of turtle beach off a boat or relaxing with your best-friends in Turkeys delightful mud baths. And if this isn’t enough for you try trekking to the Waterfall just two miles out of Koyceigz; here you will find fresh dream like streams where you will be able to dive of rocks or raft down the Dalaman River where rapids can reach up to Grade 4.

Wroclaw, Poland

Poland is a fantastic place for the ultimate student holiday in Eastern Europe. With a variety of cheap hotels, hostels and beer this is one student mecca. Travel with us to get a great deal on your flights to ensure you’ll have a big smile on your face throughout your trip. With many techno nights and alternative music nights, you might take it easy during the day and check out its National Museum which has the largest collections of contemporary art.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Last but not least is the amazing Croatia, with so many sights to see Croatia will leave you very happy. In particular try out Dubrovnik as this is Croatia’s second largest city and is a student destination especially if you’re on a budget. Dubrovnik is by the Adriatic Sea and it rated the most developed tourist destination in the old Eastern Bloc; as it offers a somewhat Mediterranean getaway. Try walking the city’s famous walls for some of the most beautiful sights and take the afternoon to relax by the Banje Beach which is just a short distance away. If you’re not ready to relax and what to party Croatia offers a range of festivals such as Hideout and Outlook festivals. Find out more about the top summer festivals abroad here.


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