Volunteering abroad plays a crucial role in many countries, communities and projects. Despite so many activities and programs out there, it can be difficult choosing the right one. That is why here at StudentUniverse we have made your list shorter by giving you the top 5 destinations to consider when looking for a volunteering placement; so that you can make that all so important positive impact.

If you love children then you need to make sure you enter our latest competition to win a 2-week volunteer trip on an international childcare program in partnership with GVI. You’ll be able to go on many of the amazing volunteering experiences detailed below.


Why not volunteer in Canada this year! With over six time zones and bordering three major oceans, Canada is the world’s second biggest country; which means they have something that’ll be right for you. Specifically, why not try volunteering in Quebec as this city offers a combination of volunteer programs and projects such as the WorkAway which specialise in outdoor activities. If you’re not really a fan of the great outdoors then don’t worry as there are many opportunities to help others, either at indoors camps, schools or working at a well-established local caring organisation. If any of this tickles your fancy then you must check out GVI who make it their mission to find the right program for you.

5 Amazing Places To Consider Volunteering

South Africa

If you love animals then you must volunteer in South Africa. With nothing but sunshine, good food and beautiful views South Africa must be on top of your list for places that must be considered. With GVI specifically you’ll be able to travel to South Africa and volunteer alongside a great international team, learn to track animals and study the behavior of your favorite creatures however if you fancy something different make sure you check out volunteer opportunities such as medical outreach programs, coach sports, or educating children.

volunteer in South Africa


If you love Bollywood movies then you’ll love India. In Particular, why not visit the city of Dharamsala as the improper use of  resources, services and funding has gone to the upper Dharamsala which has left the lower Dharamsala vulnerable. This is in part due to the community’s connection to international aid. In Lower Dharamsala, you’ll find an Indian community that gets little to no attention from international aid organizations, and because of this, lacks some of the most basic social services.  Make sure you check out gvi for a program that’ll suit you as India has so much to offer such as helping support disadvantaged children and women’s rights. There’s so much of India to discover so why not start your volunteering adventure here.

volunteering in India


Situated on the coast of West Africa, Ghana is a country full of beautiful beaches, agriculture and the world’s largest artificial lake – Lake Volta! Although a stable country, many Ghanaian’s live in poverty, so volunteers really do make a difference. As a volunteer in Ghana, you’ll have an opportunity to effect social change in a community dealing with all of the growing pains experienced by a region in flux, malnutrition and inequality in pay.

 volunteer in Ghana

Costa Rica

As Costa Rica’s economy changes, so do its traditional social structures. Currently there is little access to healthcare, education, or social services; which means Costa Rica is in dire need of volunteers. If you’ve ever dreamt of learning Spanish, a program with GVI might be the stepping stone that you need. With so much to choose from such as volunteering at a children’s center, protecting endangered sea turtles and the conservation of rain-forests.  With the time you have to yourself make sure you explore the local beaches, jungles and try out Latin American cuisine.

Costa Rica


There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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