Choosing to study or work abroad can be a big decision. Whether you’re spending a semester studying in Europe, taking part in an internship across the globe or even working abroad in Australia for a year, the opportunities are endless.

Not only is it the experience of a lifetime, there are other more practical benefits of studying and working abroad which can help you both in a professional capacity, but in your personal development too. We wanted to share a few of them, to help encourage you take advantage of this amazing opportunity and go for it!

You’ll make some great friendships

You will meet people from across the world and will hopefully form friendships which will last a lifetime. It could be the person you sit next to in your lecture, a flatmate or even a work colleague! Having an international network can be extremely useful when looking for work and hey, it’s also a place to stay when you go back and visit!

You’ll become a more confident and independent individual

Moving to a different country isn’t easy. Especially if you’re moving to a country far away from your friends and family, to a country where you know nobody. Simple tasks such as ordering a coffee, opening a bank account, finding somewhere to live or making new friends are much more challenging in a different country where the rules and laws are different. Especially if you have to do so in a different language! Overcoming these hurdles will help you grow in confidence and feel much more independent.

It’ll look great on your CV

Living abroad can help your CV stand out in the crowd. Recruiters often assume that students who have studied or worked abroad are adaptable, open-minded and able to speak a different language, skills which are highly sought-after by employers. According to a report by the European Commission, 64% of employers questioned in 2013 agreed that working abroad plays an important role when choosing future employees.

It’ll give you the chance to discover a new culture

Unlike going abroad on holiday, living abroad takes place over an extended period of time, allowing you to discover the realities of living in a different country. It’s likely that you will work or study with natives which will allow you to get a real taste of the country and its culture. Most importantly, learning about a different culture will help broaden your horizons and improve your global awareness.

You could learn a new language

Obviously this depends on where you go, but studying or working abroad is the perfect opportunity to learn a new language. You will need to know the basics in order to survive and deal with everyday situations. By learning in a lecture or in the workplace you’ll be forced to learn quicker. But you’ll also see how the language is used first hand!

It’ll be an experience of a lifetime

Last but not least, living abroad is the experience of a lifetime. You’ll not only learn what it’s like to work in another country, you’ll hopefully have the time to explore it on your days off too! You’ll discover the lesser-known areas and will become an expert on the best (and cheapest) places to eat and drink. You’ll return (or maybe you’ll choose to stay) with some great stories and memories that you’ll never forget.

These are just a few of the many benefits, it’s up to you to discover the rest! If you’re feeling convinced, all you need to do now is to start planning!


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