Many people decide to take a year out instead of going into university for a variety of reasons. However you may find yourself asking ‘what can I do in my gap year?’ There are hundreds of gap year ideas out there and there’s something for everyone. Not only are gap years fantastic but they boost your CV allowing you to wow potential employers. So here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of things you should know before taking a gap year.

1. Lots of people choose to take their gap year immediately following school or university. This can be a tough time to go as often you’re struggling with university debt or just poor after leaving school. Sometimes taking a couple of months out to work and save money can make your gap year run a lot smoother.

Ten Things To Know Before Taking A Gap Year

2. If you know what career you would like to pursue, internships and apprenticeships allow you to gain experience and get paid at the same time. They are a great way to make your CV stand out from others whilst showing you the workload, hours and pay you may have to deal with. Internships and apprenticeships help you figure out whether or not you may enjoy your chosen profession.

internships and apprenticeships allow you to gain experience

3. One of the most popular things to do in a gap year is to travel and explore the world. If you’re looking to pack your bags and sail off; it is essential you make sure you have enough funds as things could get expensive depending on where you want to go. To stay within your price range; it is best to plan your route and the countries you want to visit.

travel and explore the world

4. Volunteering is worthwhile and rewarding, an option to definitely consider when planning your gap year. Whether you choose to volunteer at home or abroad, it may just be the best decision you make.

Volunteering is worthwhile and rewarding

5. With so many volunteering companies to choose from, it’s best to do a little research. As most volunteering companies ask for you to pay towards flights and accommodation, look around and find what would be the best deal for you and your budget.

many volunteering companies to choose from

6. Learning another language is awesome, especially if you’re travelling. Knowing a bit of Española in Bolivia can really help you get by. It also doesn’t look too bad on your CV either.

Learning another language is awesome

7. Learning a major international language such as Mandarin and Arabic will be of huge benefit to those thinking of entering the business world. These are two languages that top companies love to see as they are quite hard to learn.

Learning a major international language such as Mandarin

8. If you’re looking to go into medicine, you can sign up with the NHS for oversea volunteering in the most deprived areas of the world. This will give you the necessary experience in handling difficult situations and thinking on your feet.

 NHS for oversea volunteering

9. Sign up for a Cultural Exchange programme and gain experience and knowledge of other customs and traditions. Cultural Exchange programs mean that you’ll be staying with a host family whilst their child stays with your own. This cuts down money spent on accommodation and food yet allows you to have the genuine experience.

gain experience and knowledge of other customs and traditions

10. Here at StudentUniverse we have the most amazing tours from the UK to China, at student friendly prices making sure your money stays in your pockets. 

amazing tours from the UK to China

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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