There’s no better time to go travelling than after University, you’ll have the rest of your life ahead of you to settle down so why not do something different. You’re no longer in the cycle of education, so you have to see what’s out there. To get you motivated here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list of the top destinations you should go visit after university.


Despite being on the other side of the world, Australia is the go to travel destination for many students that have just finished university.  The reasons being, that there is just so much to do and places to see. You can start your adventure by visiting the Kangaroo Island which is Australia’s third largest island. With several nature reserves continuing to help the island’s natural wildlife thrive you’ll be amazed at all the different creatures you might see. Your adventure wouldn’t be complete without the traditional Aussie surfing so make sure you head down to Broken Head Beach or Three Sisters Rocks for some magnificent waves.

best places to travel after university


Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan will continuously surprise you. With a fantastic mix of heritage and modern high-rises, Japan is becoming increasing the place to be for young people. If the first thing you think of when talking about Japan is the technology then you need to head down to Akihabara in Tokyo, where you will find the most comprehensive shopping town filled with whatever gadgets and devices you can possibly imagine – from home robots to smartphones, this place has it all. After a long day you can rely on Japan to have the best sushi and seafood around. Though there are plenty of restaurants around why not try and indulge in Japans top delicacies: fugu and kazunoko to really get your taste buds going.

Japan the rising sun

South Africa

South Africa is a heaven to those who love adventure, magnificent landscapes and diversity. Once you have been there, you will always long to return and relive this extraordinary experience. It is not an easy task to decide which places are the best to visit but we recommend starting your trip in Cape Town which has been ranked as one of the world’s ten best cities, as well as the best destination in Africa. Surrounded by the Indian and Atlantic Oceans on either side, this city is nestled between a series of different mountains, which includes the famous flat-topped Table Mountain. White sandy beaches, breath-taking mountains, vineyards and African markets, Cape Town has it all. are place to get away to. However if you’re looking for an adventure then you must visit the Blyde River Canyon which is the second largest canyon in Africa. Known for it beautiful wildlife and plants, including hippos and deer’s, you’ll be sure to have the most amazing hike.

South Africa a heaven to those who love adventure


Russia looks like one big gigantic country when you look at it on a map however it is a country full of different ethnic groups, religions, languages, and customs. The first place to start your journey will have to be in Moscow. This city is filled with history, culture and it must be said the world’s largest community of billionaires, there is no surprise why this city is the place to be. You cannot miss going to the Red Square. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Mausoleum of Lenin and State History Museum are the major attractions. However you trip won’t be complete until you visit the breathtakingly beautiful, UNESCO Kizhi Island; home to the twenty-two domed church of the Transfiguration. You’ll be sure to get inspired.

Russia Moscow


Italy is a vast and extraordinary country spanning thousands of miles from vineyards in the south to the beaches in the north. For any traveller making their way through Italy, Rome is a must-see. Otherwise known as modern Italy, Rome is full of life, colour and imagination. You’ll see a mix of ancient monuments, beautiful fountains, palaces and not to mention amazing restaurants. There’s so much to see such as the La Scala (the world famous opera house, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (one of the best shopping malls in Italy) and the Brera Art Museum (Milan’s leading art museum), you’ll never get bored. So what are you waiting for, make sure you booked your trip to Italy.

Italy a vast and extraordinary country


There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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