What’s Your Next Adventure?

Are you planning your next travel adventure? You may have just graduated, or have made the decision to embark on an amazing trip before taking the next step in your life and career. But whatever the reason is we’re here to help. We believe that the world is your oyster and there are thousands of experiences waiting for you around the corner. (more…)

Students should Consider working abroad

Why University Students Should Consider A Placement Year Working Abroad

Students should consider a placement year working abroad

We’ve heard it time and time again, employers want graduates to have experience. It’s become a broken record and the vicious circle continues; to have a job, you need experience, to get experience, you need a job! It’s not all doom and gloom however, as an often overlooked and at times easier way to get this all-important experience, is to work abroad. Now, I hope I’m already preaching to the converted writing this article on StudentUniverse but if I still haven’t convinced you, here’s why you should consider working abroad:


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