If you’re wondering what are some of the most interesting and adventurous things to do this summer, look no further. Whether you are looking for scenic parks, wildernesses or a game changer, we have something for everyone. We’ve put together the top 50 things to do this summer.

1. Tie-dye your t-shirts

2.  Go rafting in Nepal’s Trusuli river

3. Watch the Prudential ride in London

4. Picnic at a local park

Picnic at a local park

5. Explore Cambodia’s rainforests

6. Have a movie marathon

7. Discover volcanoes in Costa Rica

Discover volcanoes in Costa Rica

8. Cycle from Bangkok to Saigon

9. Head to a Safari in Namibia

10. If you dare, try bear watching in Finland 

11. Try canoeing in Catalonia, Turkey

12. Ride elephants in Thailand

13. Checkout the wildlife in Botswana

14. Walk through the Petra desert in Jordan

15. Try surfing in Koh Toa

16. Cycling across the Atlas Mountains into Djebi Sahro, Morroco

17. Visit Brighton beach

18. Visit Paris for the weekend

Visit Paris

19. Have a Turkish bath

20. Try some Moroccan tea

21. Kayak in Halong Bay, Vietnam

22. Zip wire at Terre’s d’ Ammar, Morocco

23. Finish reading a book start to end in a two weeks

24. Start a travel blog

25. Do some volunteering

26. Travel the Draa Valley in Morocco

27. Cycle 5 miles locally

28. Relax on a Bali Beach

 Bali Beach

29. Visit the spectacular Borobudur  temple in Bali

30. Go to your favourite band/singers’ concert

31. Cycle from Hanoi to Luang Rvabang , Vietnam

32. Go to an aquarium

an aquarium

33. Visit the Ayutthaya Temples in Thailand

34. Go sky-diving

35. Cycling through the countryside of the Chianti region or Tuscany

36. Grab your friends and go paintballing


37. Visit the Chimpanzees in Nyungue National Park, Rwanda

38. Try an unusual cuisine

39. Explore the medieval towns of Slovakia

40. Visit Sydney beach

41. Visit Bath for the day

42. Explore the National History Museum

43. Checkout Tampa, Florida

44. Go and see an outdoor film screening

45. Try surfing the waves in Australia

46. Try indoor trampolining

47. Learn another language

48. Watch the lemurs at the Madagascar national park

49. Visit at least one festival

50. Enjoy your time with friends

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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