The fictional Phileas Fogg travelled round the world in 80 days; in 1890 whilst Journo Nellie Bly completed it in 72; in 2014, the idea of travelling around the word is increasingly becoming more and more popular. No matter what type of traveler you think you are there’s something amazing in travelling to a number of countries in just one trip. The question is where do you begin? Well let us congratulate you, you’re making the right steps, we’ve got you covered so sit back and get a pen a paper together for some top tips!

Decide Your Destinations

Before booking an awesome round the world adventure make sure you know a general gist of where you would like to go. This means what part of the world would you like to see, what climates do you enjoy best or least, what countries would you be able to use most of your travelling skills. Going around the world isn’t terribly cheap so you need to make sure you get what you’re paying for and what you like to see. Its important that you follow one global direction, east or west and finish off where you start!

Who Are You Flying With?

The best way to jet set from country to country is by buying a round the world flight, here you visit a range of destinations set up by the company and get support along the way. However, if you are looking to buy flight tickets individually then you should try a book with member airlines, one popular coalition is the Star Alliance where its members fly to 1185 airports in 185 countries. Here you’ll be able to receive millage points and use them towards your trips and necessities.

When Is The Best Timing?

You could in actual fact travel the world in a weekend if you flew non-stop but I’m guessing you want a bit of time to explore and enjoy your new surroundings. Whether you are taking annual leave, on your summer holiday or just graduated from university you need to make sure you have enough time to do the things you’d love the most. This means making sure you have saved up correctly before your trip and making you’re your calendar is clear before you go across the other side of the world. Consider stock pilling your annual leave, giving yourself a month or two depending on how many destinations you plan on seeing.

How Long Can You Travel?

With most RTW flights you can travel up to 12 months however you can also extend this up to 6 months if you are working directly with a travel consultant. So make sure you verify the terms and conditions before purchasing a ticket. The upside of RTW tickets is they may offer flexibility with changes, routings, etc.  If you are going to a country like Australia, you’ll be able to add on flights within Australia for far less than booking on their own.  Alternatively, you could look at multiple one-way flights, and book onward connections as needed.  That way you are not constrained to airlines, routings or change fees. Just make sure you verify the visa of all countries visited, and make sure they do not require proof of return ticket.



Even when you’re booked your RTW adventure you need to still budget for accommodation, tours and transfers. You’ve come a long way to just stay in your hotel or hostel room because you do not have anymore money so make sure you plan how much you want to spend a day and research on tours that will encompass a range of your interests. If you’re looking for something that won’t break your bank account, then make sure you ask one of our consultants about the best deals going when you book your trip!

Make Sure You Tick Everything Off Your Checklist

Don’t you just hate that feeling that you may have forgotten something, well we have all been there but to make sure you fly away with nothing on your mind make sure you cross, tick off everything on you list. This is everything from making sure you have travel insurance, the right visa’s and what you should pack. This may be a long trip away from home the last thing you want are annoyances that could be avoided.

Have A Awesome Time!

Don’t forget to have fun. After maybe of what might seem like forever planning, you’ll soon be on your trip so make sure you make some great memories! Remember if you book one of our RTW flights you will always have 24/7 assistance, so rain or shine we have your back!

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