This summer I was lucky enough to go sailing in Croatia on a Topdeck Travel tour called Dubrovnik Dreams, and I’m here to tell you about a typical day in the life on that experience…

Wake up call

Lying in bed, you’re gently stirred by the sun peering through your cabin window and the sea breeze blowing through the open door. Savouring this dreamy state, you suddenly hear a bell chiming. Curious, you step outside to see what’s going on…it’s breakfast time, and the Trip Leader thought it would be a fun way to wake everyone up by ringing the bell! You briefly consider passing, and rolling back into bed, but then remember you’re sailing in Croatia without a care in the world.

Shots for breakfast sailing in Croatia with Topdeck

Going overboard

Good news for nervous sailors, the captain has the boat under control, navigating his way into a crystal clear lagoon with ease, steering the wheel with his feet, before he drops the anchor. Now’s your chance for a morning dip, so you dive straight off the top deck into the turquoise waters, alternating between snorkelling and sunbathing on your lilo. If breakfast and a morning coffee didn’t wake you up, a dip in the big blue certainly will!

Al fresco lunch

Topdeck Travel are famed for their gourmet food, and this one more than lives up to expectations, as the on-board chef prepares a delicious feast of seafood, gnocchi and other local delicacies, and of course an option for the veggies. Sitting on the deck in the bay, the sun smiling down on the group, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect place for lunch.

Morning dip on a Topdeck Croatia sailing tour

Touring the town

With a full belly and sunnies on, its time to make contact with the land and check out what’s on offer. With a Topdeck Travel experience, your Trip Leader is always on hand, bursting with information ready to be shared on a walking tour of a local town. Filling you in on the history, best restaurants and shops, and other local secrets, guaranteed this is something you’d never have if you were alone. The afternoon’s yours to explore the rest of the town, or just head back to your cabin for a nap. As evening draws in, you head to one of the off-the-beaten track restaurants your Trip Leader has recommended, and enjoy amazing local cuisine.

Getting ship faced

Back to the boat, and your barman already has the drinks on ice ready for happy hour. All you need to do is choose from cocktails or ice-cold beers. Too easy. Then, we head out. Whether its partying on an island in Hvar, or in a cave in Makarska, or in a castle in Dubrovnik, there’s always a good time to be had in Croatia.

Meeting new friends on a Croatia sailing tour

The wobbly walk home

Now it’s 5am, and probably time you call it a night. When you get back on the boat, make sure it’s your own!

Then, before you know it, in a couple of hours you’ll be woken by the sun peering through your cabin window and a sea breeze blowing through the open door…

Now it’s your turn…

Fancy some of that? Course you do! The Topdeck Croatia sailing tour Henry went on is called Dubrovnik Dreams. To book your spot on the exact same tour, give us a call now on 0333 333 9944.

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