No matter how excited you are to begin your studies, internship or travels abroad, there is not much that can turn a long-haul flight from exhausting to enjoyable. However, here are some tips and tricks to make your long journey at least a bit less stressful.


It is important to get up and move around the cabin, walk to the bathroom, or stretch when on a long flight in order to boost circulation. Dress right. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing and LAYERS to combat the in-flight arctic chill. Layers are a travelers best weapon against varying conditions- both in and out of the plane!


Flying will dehydrate you inside and out. Be sure that you drink lots of water and pack snacks to keep you sane. Most airlines will offer in-flight meals which are usually sodium, sugar and calorie heavy. It is best to bring along healthy snacks that prevent dehydration such as fruits and nuts, which will leave you feeling much better while up in the sky.


The best way to avoid jet-lag is to follow this simple rule of thumb: sleep in-flight if you would be sleeping at home. Otherwise, do your best to keep yourself awake. Invest in a neck pillow, eye mask and even earplugs so you are relatively comfortable and not constantly being awoken by screaming babies or the one person in the window seat who insists on keeping their shade up letting in light.


Pack a little kit of your toiletries to bring you back to life when you start feeling like less like a human and more like a zombie. Brushing your teeth, applying lotion, brushing your hair, rinsing with mouthwash, applying deodorant and so on can help you freshen up and feel like a new person once you’ve touched down in your destination.

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