It’s January – time to start scrounging every little bit of holidays and semester breaks to make the most of your holidays. Here at StudentUniverse we’ve got you covered with a list of underrated travel destinations so you can brag to your friends that you went there first. So pack your bags and get ready to explore the four corners of the world.


When you’ve been to Paris so many times you’re having mail delivered there, Budapest is the next place to go for culture, food, and a great night out!  Budapest’s attractions are all easily walkable but there are also good bus and tram services.  Don’t miss out on the Museum of Horrors or a trip up to the Buda Castle for one of the best views over the city.  At night party under the stars in a ruin bar with the bars set up like market stalls, and a DJ tucked away on one of the many levels. The baths are a must do with 5 different ones to soak your weary feet after a day of exploring (make sure you pack swimmers and a towel!)


Myanmar is home to some pretty spectacular bucket list items such as hot air ballooning over the Bagan temples trekking around a jungle filled with old monasteries, and visiting ridiculously opulent pagodas like the Shwedagon Pagoda which is encrusted with 4531 diamonds! Better yet it’s relatively untouched as it is still warming up as a tourist destination, so much so that you could buy a beer and some lunch with the spare change in your pocket! Don’t forget it has beaches to rival Thailand with the stunning Ngapali beach being the most tourist friendly.


With the same coastline as Croatia but without all the hype Montenegro is another up and coming beach break destination in Europe. You’ll be smiling this summer when you’re soaking up the Mediterranean sun at a fraction of last year’s Croatia sailing trip. If you’re not keen to lie on the beach for the whole trip there are some beautiful lakes, and plenty of monasteries dotted around the country to keep you busy.


This ex-capital city of Japan is packed full of temples, palaces and night markets. If you visit during school holidays a lot of the high school girls dress up in kimonos and will happily take pictures with you. Make sure you check out the Fushimi Inari shrine for more Tori gates than you can poke a selfie stick at. When you get hungry, hit the markets for all kinds of marinated seafood and cherry blossom flavoured ice cream. Don’t forget to raid the vending machines for all manners of snacks, cigarettes, and even ice cream!

Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut is a little-known gem in South-East Asia. Situated just off Malaysia this private island resort is the perfect place for a bit of R&R with its white sand beaches and bright blue water. You can choose from tiered hillside rooms or overwater bungalows for that extra special holiday.

Costa Rica

For a holiday with a mix of adventure, nature, and relaxation Costa Rica is an amazing up and coming destination. Stay at Mt Arenal for activities such as white water rafting, horse riding, and zip lining all set to the backdrop of the beautiful volcano. Meanwhile, there are monkeys, turtles, and the chance to learn surfing or go for a yoga retreat. Once you’ve tired yourself out with every active pursuit under the moon, take your pick from one of the many beautiful beaches Costa Rica has to offer.

Yellowstone National Park

The States are home to numerous awesome national parks, one of the nicest ones being the Yellowstone National Park which is home to over 300 geysers, beautiful mountain scenery and vast amounts of wild animals. Due to its size, most itineraries would recommend a week to see everything on offer, but with careful planning, a four-day stint in Yellowstone National Park can be incorporated into a wider USA road trip.


As the relationship between Iran and the West continues to warm considerably there is never a better time to go and see this colourful country than now (before everyone else does)! There is so much in this country that has been missed out of the talk about Iran: the Alborz ski slopes, bazaars, friendly locals and more temples than you can poke a kabab at. For guided into this country we’d recommend booking onto a group tour to make sure you don’t miss any of the important sights !!


Zanzibar is a great option for a holiday that has everything. For days when you’re feeling more adventurous check out Prison Island, the Slave Market, or hop on a traditional dhow boat and go on a snorkeling trip. For days when you just want to lie on a beach, there are plenty gorgeous beaches to choose from and all of them look like they belong in the Maldives!

Where are you travelling to this year? Let us help get you there! Book today with StudentUniverse.

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