In Australia you can discover an infinite amount of things to do in just about any part of the country, from Victoria and New South Wales to Western Australia and the Northern Territory. If you want to know what you absolutely can’t miss out on look no further. From the big cities to the outback discover where you need to go for that fire Instagram feed.

Sydney Opera House, New South Wales

This iconic multi-venue arts centre is a classic tourist destination when visiting Sydney. While there is actually plenty to do and see inside, we recommend staying outside for a photo session. And as this is one of the most recognisable buildings in Australia you wouldn’t even need to drop a location tag. Catch a glimpse of the Opera House as your train comes into Circular Quay station, across the water from aboard the Manly ferry or from Sydney’s Royal Botanical Gardens. Wherever you position yourself you’ll still get a stunning Instagram shot.

The Twelve Apostles, Victoria

 Image Credit: Visit Victoria

These giant rock formations are an impressive sight and would make for an unbelievable picture! Stop by whilst exploring Port National Park or pull-over off the Great Ocean Road to catch a glimpse (and snap a photo of course). You’ll be a major source for all your followers fomo.

Devils Marbles, Northern Territory

In the company of Uluru and the Olgas, Devils Marbles are up there as Australia’s most famous rocks. What better way to flex on your followers than to hit a classic Australian landmark? If you make it around sunset you can expect something that can only be described as golden hour x 10.

Wave Rock, Western Australia

Image Credit: Instagram/ @westernaustralia

This striking wave-shaped rock formation is like stepping into the ocean. It will have you feeling small and insignificant but above all else amazed. This is just another crazy work of nature that will shock your followers by it immensity and tidal wave resemblance. You can surf this wave once and get a few good shots that will last a lifetime.

Fraser Island, Queensland

Image Credit: Queensland

Looking for the perfect Instagram shot? Well this island is full of them. On the world’s largest sand island you can visit the SS Maheno, Champagne Pools, the beautiful Lake Wabby and Orchid Beach. And the images you take there will have everyone green with envy. The island has so much to offer and if you are looking to escape the mainland this is definitely the place to go!

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

This rugged region west of Sydney is a jaw dropping, tear jerking sensation that will have you thinking you’ve just entered Jurassic Park. We’re talking underground caves, blue lakes, the iconic Three Sisters rock formation at Echo Point and the miles of stunning walking trails. We can’t guarantee the pictures you take will be as breathtaking as the mountains themselves. But you can try!

Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory

Kata Tjuta, also known as the Olgas is a group of large dome rocks believed to be 500 million years old. The Olgas are also close by to the infamous Uluru, the monolith which sits at the heart of the Northern Territory and is a vibrant red sandstone that will have you mesmerised.

Hosier Lane, Victoria

Street art covers nearly every nook and cranny of this unique city, but there are some street more concentrated than others such as croft alley, AC/DC lane, and Centre Place. There is also a Keith Haring mural located on Johnston street in Collingwood. Whichever street you decide to visit they are all bound to create a sick image of Melbourne’s cityscape.

Coober Pedy, South Australia

Coober Pedy is one of those places you wouldn’t think to visit, but once you do is discovered to be an absolute gem. Located in South Australia some very instagrammable and fun places to see on your visit include the Kanku-Breakaways Conservation Park that has this fantastic landscape and mountain range that almost seems like it’s on fire with the vibrant orange-red sandrock that is just so striking against the blue sky. You can also visit the Umoona Opal Mine and Museum where you can buy some opal and snap some pictures in front of their hollywood-esque welcome sign.

Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the capital of Australia’s island state Tasmania has a lot of really fabulous destinations and things to do that anyone visiting just has to see. Stop by Mount Wellington which has an elevated peak with scenic summit views. It has mountain trails, lookout points, and the dolerite cliff known as the Organ Pipes. There is also the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, and Mona which is a mostly-underground art museum with a playful vibe and wine bar.

By Laurentina Garcia


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