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Planning your Gap Year Adventure

The world is your oyster and there are thousands of experiences and opportunities waiting right around the corner. Whether you’re looking for a great deal on round the world flights, arranging a work abroad placement in Australia or a volunteering trip to Africa, StudentUniverse can handle every aspect of your gap year travel. Get in touch with our specialist teams today to choose your perfect gap year program and take the next step towards a trip of a lifetime.

Round the World Flights

Epic deals on multi-stop flights perfect for gap years

Paid Work

Earn cash and live like a local in Australia & New Zealand

Volunteering Opportunities

Choose from a range of rewarding volunteer projects

Worldwide experience tours

Adventure tours for your once in a lifetime trip

Best Gap Year Destinations

Whether it’s one destination or a worldwide multi-stop trip, StudentUniverse has discounted deals to make it cheaper for you to make the most of your gap year. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your trip and get a customised itinerary guaranteed to make your trip everything you’ve dreamt of.

Gap Year Inspiration

Choosing where to go and what to do on your gap year can be daunting. We’ve put together the guides below with some top gap year ideas, some stories from those that have been there and done it and some of our top destinations.

Gap Year Ideas

Taking a gap year and travelling abroad can be the most exciting experience you'll ever undertake. It's a great way to gain new skills whilst learning more about different cultures and traditions. You can explore the world in any number of different ways during a gap year. You could consider working abroad, volunteering, backpacking, teaching and even just packing your bags and seeing what comes along. There are hundreds of amazing gap year ideas out there and you can pick and choose whatever you like, from EuroRail trips to working on a cruise ship to trying your hands on that lifelong dream of becoming a travel writer or a photographer. Check out some of the best gap year ideas we have and get inspired to plan your gap year the way you want to.

Gap Year Stories

Taking a break from your education and travelling abroad will allow you to see the world with fresh eyes and help you choose your direction in life. This will not only help you enhance yourself personally and broaden up your perspective by meeting new people and experiencing new cultures, it will also help you learn new skills and get a much required and sought after international exposure. A lot of students share their amazing gap year stories, including the places they visited, the challenges they faced and the networks they built. International experience is now becoming a trend in the job market and more and more stress is being laid on how diverse your skills and experiences are. Visit our gap year blog and get inspired by the stories of the people who have availed this opportunity and how it helped them.

Top Gap Year Destinations

So the big question is, where and how to start your gap year travel so that you can make the most out of it and have a once in a lifetime experience? There are so many places to choose from - Australia, China, Europe, Russia and many more. How you choose your gap year destinations will lay down the path for what cultural experiences you have, what kind of networks you build and what kind of skill set you gain. A lot of countries offer a variety of programs, including internships and volunteering opportunities, in a wide range of functions, such as sales & marketing, hospitality, accounting, administration, telemarketing and so much more. Visit our gap year blog today and explore our top gap year destinations, to choose the one that suits you. If you need any additional information, feel free to contact our gap year specialists who can help you choose your perfect program.