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India is one of the most vibrant, frenetic countries in the world, a riot of colours and cultures that make it unlike anywhere else on the planet. It’s full of iconic sights and chaotic cities, as beautiful landscapes and remote places to relax and reflect. This variety is why we think tours of India are the best way to go. Whatever side of the country you want to see, India tours will take you to all the best places with none of the stress, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. So whether you want to hop between Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, and more, seeing the unforgettable Taj Mahal and zipping through the bustling streets in a rickshaw, or float serenely down the Ganges and relax on the beaches of Goa, there are trips to India to suit you.

Why Travel India with StudentUniverse

  • We have close partnerships with multiple expert India tour providers, including Topdeck Travel, Contiki, G Adventures, Intrepid, Geckos, and more. This allows us to offer the cheapest India tour packages that are complete and totally unique.
  • Our team of dedicated travel consultants are experts on all of our India tours, meaning you can ask questions and discuss your options in all the detail you need, as well as easily make it part of a longer adventure if you want.
  • Although group sizes vary depending on which tours in India you choose, they are generally kept small, meaning you can experience this incredible country without always being part of a crowd while still giving you the chance to meet like-minded travellers.

Types of India Tours

Classic Tours

The original and arguably best kind of tour: see all the top sights (and a few off the beaten track) with a small group of like-minded travellers, led by an expert local guide, and with everything you need to enjoy it - accommodation, transport, etc. - included in the package. No stress, just good times in India.

Rail tours

India is famous for its extensive rail network, so seeing the country by rail is a brilliant option. You’ll not only get to all the top destinations, but also see the beautiful landscapes in between. Rail tours of India give you the chance to see a side to the country you would miss travelling any other way.

National Geographic Journeys

Curated by National Geographic, these tours will take you to the very best of India’s incredible destinations. Whether you’re interested in famous sites, sacred culture, or rural villages and astounding countryside, these tours will have something to keep you happy.

18-30something adventures

You only live once! And to celebrate that, these tours offer up once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As well as seeing all the top hotspots, these tours will immerse you in Indian culture, be it through festivals, meeting locals, or visiting places other tours miss out.

Discovery Adventures

India is home to so much fascinating culture and magnificent natural sites, and these tours pack in as much of it all as you can handle. Whether you’re experiencing the lives of local people or wandering through quintessential Indian sights, these tours will constantly challenge your perceptions of this rich and varied country.

Local living tours

If you want a taste of authentic India, local living tours can offer it. By visiting and staying in smaller villages, as well as using local transport, you’ll get a true sense of what India is all about.

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FAQs about Holidays Packages in India

Travellers arrive for holidays to India from all over the world, so it’s not usually possible to include airfare in the price. We do sometimes offer special flight and tour packages

You don’t need to be a verified student to book a tour, but most of our tours are designed with young people (18 to 30-year-olds) in mind.

Yes, in most cases we can book additional accommodation at our starting or ending hotels. The cost will vary depending on destination and time of year. If we can’t provide you with extra nights we’ll offer the name of a hotel you can contact directly. Please note: extra accommodation must be booked over 30 days before departure.

It’s extremely difficult to join a tour after it has begun. It is possible to leave a tour early, but you will be responsible for your own arrangements from the moment you have left. Leaving a tour early or joining late would also leave you responsible for all associated costs. If you think this might be necessary please make this clear before you book a tour.

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