It’s a big debate, is it better to travel alone or would you rather go with your friends? And sure, there are definitely arguments for both sides. However, right now we’re making a case for why travelling with your existing friends is awesome:

1. You’ll still make tonnes of friends along the way

Make friends along the way on your backpacking trips

2. You’ll share a bond with the people you travelled with forever

lets to back travelling

3. You can rely on your friends to help you out

trust your friends to help

4. You’ll save a bit of cash by sharing hotel and hostel rooms

save money by sharing hotel and hostels

5. You can take it in turns to check in with parents

take it in turns to check in

6. You’ll experience new things together                                      

travel experiences together

7. You’ll have someone comfortable to sleep on during flights and bus journeys

you'll have someone to sleep on during flights

8. If you’re in a bad situation, you won’t be the only one

you won't be alone when backpacking

9. You’ll always have someone who wants to party with you

find a friend to party with

10. You’re going to have the time of your life, you should share it with your friends

share your travel experience with your friends

And there it is, 10 reasons we think travelling with your friends can be awesome.

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