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Youth hostels are an invaluable resource to backpackers, and enable young people and students to travel from place to place without blowing that all important budget in the first few days. Cheap, basic, friendly and safe, they are the perfect place to meet fellow travellers and bed down for the night.

When it comes to making your hostel booking, it couldn’t be easier: just have a chat with one of our expert consultants and they’ll ensure you have somewhere to stay. Budget hostels can be found all over developed countries, and are especially prevalent in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Staying at a youth hostel is particularly popular with fellow student travellers and young people all looking to maximise their budget.

  • Great locations and cheap beds
  • Cooking and eating facilities
  • Great ways to meet other travellers
  • A place to store your belongings
  • Knowledgeable local staff

How to Find The Best Hostel

  • Choose the location of your hostel wisely. Is it close-by to the top places on your list? Do you have any nightlife nearby?
  • It’s always worth checking review sites to find the best hostel for you, and keep in mind that your experience of any given hostel will depend on your personality.
  • Alternatively ask your travel consultant for advice – there’s a good chance they’ve been where you’re going, so can recommend from first-hand experience.
  • Hostels come in all shapes and sizes and all of them have their own unique atmosphere. Make sure you choose the one that fits your needs.