If you’re looking for a winter escape not too far from home then try visiting Europe. Whether you’re looking for a white Christmas or a little bit of sun we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 5 winter escape you have to consider.


If you’re looking for a winter escape than why not visit Berlin. With a range of cafes, galleries, bars and theaters you won’t be bored anytime soon in this glorious country.  This is a perfect winter wonderland for an authentic Christmas getaway. You can expect Christmas markets, lights, and the friendly locals to get you in the mood. Make sure you bring a coat and scarves as the weather drops into the minus which could make you feel like a human snowman.



Whether it’s the Northern lights you want to see or Reykjavik’s outdoor thermal swimming pools, Iceland is one destination you must consider. This winter escape provides some of the best restaurants, museums and winter sports, so get ready to have yourself an awesome adventure. If you can’t visit this year then make sure you travel in February as Iceland has a spectacular annual Winter Lights Festival. What makes Iceland even more special is the soft snow, picturesque views and calming culture.


If you like playing in snow then you’ll like Poland. This winter escape offers a range of activities, food and lots of drink that will not break the bank. Make sure wrap up warm as there are so many sites to see such as the Wawel Castle which was once home to the royals, Blonia Park and St Mary’s Basilica. Once you’re done exploring why don’t you warm up inside at one of Krakow unique restaurants where you can get a meal, beer or vodka for as little as £9.


If you want to escape the cold of London but still enjoy the festivities of winter than escape to Spain. Though Barcelona is typically best in the summer, you’ll be happy to know that the weather is still relatively warm lowest best 10c. Make the most of the beaches, food and galleries as this winter escape will be like no other. Spend a day travelling around Sagrada Familia and in evening chill out at one of Barcelona’s unique bars and walk by the marina to embrace your winter escape.


If you looking for the perfect student friendly winter escape then you have to visit Prague. This inexpensive country will make sure that you won’t go overboard this winter but are able to have the time of your life even if you’re on a small budget. If you’re looking for a Christmas paradise then you have to visit Wenceslas Square where you’ll find wooden huts selling some of the most beautiful traditional pieces. Whilst out make sure you check ot some of Prague’s local coffee shops, dumplings, pork and amazing Czech beer. Prague is really the backdrop for a fairytale winter so make sure you check it out.


With so many countries around the world make this winter special by taking a flight to somewhere special.


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