Cheap Hotels & Hostels in Chiang Mai

Cheap Hostels in Chiang Mai

Save up to 40% on your hotel or hostel stay in Chiang Mai with us just for being a student! Search from a massive selection of accommodation ensuring you find the perfect place to stay, at the perfect price tag. You'll save a bunch on your accommodation so you can spend it on what you're in Chiang Mai for - having fun.

Hotel Type Price per night
Hostel £6
2* £14
3* £19
4* £24

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Note About Hotel Prices
All hotel prices were taken from searches on the website in April 2015 for travel in 2015. Prices are subject to availability and subject to change without notice. Hotel prices vary by date, city, and availability. All taxes/fees are included in the price, except certain government taxes, and fees imposed in destination, if applicable.

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