8 Reasons Travelling Independently Is Best

At StudentUniverse we champion the independent traveller. We provide student and youth travellers (aged 18-25) with discounted rates on flights, hotels and tours to help make travel more affordable.

Travellers that book at StudentUniverse search for their precise requirements and we present them with unbiased and great value travel that precisely fits their needs. We believe that travel is an important part of enriching every young person’s education and that booking independently  is the best way to truly tailor a perfect trip.

Here are 8 reasons we believe travelling independently is best:


10 Things That Will Happen to You While Studying In London

Things that will happen whilst you're studying in London

This post is courtesy of Monica Arora.

Studying in London, you will not only learn a thing about how to master one of the world’s oldest cities, but you will also learn a few things about yourself. Things and events will happen to you that will you make you dance with joy, terrify you, or will have you scratching your head at one in the morning while waiting for a bus home. Here are some of those “things” as told by my favorite movie set in London, 101 Dalmatians.

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